Sand painting table (illuminated table)

  • Konstantin

    I do not understand how your stair is organized so that the sand does not pour on the floor

  • Anonymous

    Author, add a photo please!


    Great option

  • Andrey Avramenko

    What is the power of your LED tape? It is not clear how much is enough, and how much is not. Or send, if not difficult, a link to a similar tape. Thank you!

  • Sveta

    Good evening!
    You write that acrylic milk is the size of the table (550/550), and on the photo it is clearly smaller. Please write the exact dimensions.

  • http://qeidqx.comLacey

    Oops, meant to respond to this ... Wow, I di; 7 & # 821ndt know you liked to sew, Erin! If you enjoyed it; o

  • Hope
  • Ksenia

    Thanks for the master class! For my daughter, I made a light table from a large plastic container with a lid _http: // / obzor-igr-na-svetovom-stole / There are a lot of useful ideas for games.

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