PVC wall panel selection rules

Before you choose wall panels, you should decide for which particular room such lining is required. For a bathroom, it is better to choose a material that has an additional degree of moisture resistance provided by a special surface structure. Wall panels instead of tile for the kitchen are not only cheaper but also easier to use, as they are mounted faster and not only inferior in physical properties, but also surpass other types of cladding.

When choosing, do not rush to attractive pictures and promises of advertising, it is much better to request certificates of conformity and quality from the seller and see for yourself that the material he offers is really worthwhile.

There is a list of certain parameters that are recommended to pay attention to when choosing PVC panels:

  • The number of stiffeners located inside the product is important, since a large number of them indicates a high level of strength and ability to withstand considerable loads during operation.
  • The base of the PVC plate should be evenly painted, without any stains or smudges. Dents, scratches, cracks and other defects are also unacceptable, ideally the wall panel should be covered with a special protective film.
  • The drawing of purchased products should be smooth and uniform, without poorly painted and smeared areas. It is important to immediately calculate the required number of plates, since it is impossible to purchase them later - panels from different lots, having even the same article, may differ from each other in shade. You can risk and buy missing elements only when it comes to such a quality product as brilliant laminate.
  • Initially, you should check how exactly the two panels fit together with each other - if the seam is missing completely or almost imperceptible, this will create a feeling of a solid wall, which means that the material offered by the seller is really high quality. If the seam openings at the junction are different, such a product should be immediately discarded, it is considered defective.
  • Suspicion should be taken of panels that have a wavy, uneven surface, especially if rigidity appears on it - a clear sign of a poor-quality product with defects that you should not buy.

In order to check the quality of the PVC material, take one panel and cut its back wall, then bend the front. A quality product will not break, you can safely buy and use it for interior decoration.

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