Roses from paper egg tray

Creative personalities will find the use of any thing, and even from the most unnecessary material can do crafts. Here, for example, the most unsightly paper tray for eggs. Why is it needed? The product was brought home, the eggs were laid in the fridge, and the paper box was sent to the trash. But the craftswomen do completely differently. They turn garbage into an original idea. Today you will learn how to make beautiful roses from ordinary paper trays of eggs. Prepare for work such simple materials: - scissors; - PVA glue; - one red napkin; - paper packaging for transportation of eggs.
 paper packaging
First look at the tray for eggs a little. It is made of compressed cardboard. Often it is exactly a white (grayish) shade. But some manufacturers are now adding dyes. In the photo you see a white tray and purple. If you want to get flowers in red, then this is not a problembecause the material is easy to paint with ordinary gouache or even watercolor of any color. For work, you need to cut the tray into three types of blanks: - the smallest are the upper protruding hills; - medium - those in which the eggs are located ; - the largest are depressions with the edges of hills.
 consider the tray for eggs
For one rose, you will need three pieces of different sizes. It is necessary to cut out three petals on each of them, as shown in the photo. To do this, use a very sharp scissors to get smooth edges. And low-quality scissors will tear the paper.
 blanks of different sizes
Glue the average blank in the middle of the largest one. Try to keep the petals not to coincide, but to be located in the gaps.
open rose bud
And place a small one in the center of the middle one. It turns out a three-tiered flower, similar to an open rose bud. Of the white tray, you need to also form 6 beautiful roses.  shape beautiful roses
create beautiful roses
form ovat beautiful roses
Original flowers are obtained.  Original flowers are obtained To spice them up a bit, take a red paper napkin and twist small balls out of it. Glue them to the center of each flower. It will turn out even more interesting.
 Original flowers are obtained
With these colors you can paste a photo frame, a mirror in the hallway, or simply form bouquets of various configurations and paste them on a piece of chipboard.
original flowers
 original colors chki
 original flowers
 original flowers
original flowers
 Roses from paper tray for eggs
 Roses from a paper tray for eggs
If you want to make a bouquet in a vase, then just fasten the buds on a long wooden skewer. It turns out a flower on a stalk.
 Roses from the paper tray for eggs
These are the original ideas. And all this beauty is made from the useless paper tray from eggs.
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