Rosa Syabitova showed breasts. Nude and chic!

Having looked at this publication, we have only one question: how? How to maintain such beauty? Especially for readers of our site, she gave the most complete and frank answer - she admitted that she had not done without artificial intervention.

“My credo in life is to be honest, after all, 56 years is the stopping distance of youth, closer to old age,” Roza Syabitova shared with - Why am I doing all this: if you want, you don't want it, and you can't fool nature. Breast so beautiful I made myself. And since the person is disciplined, what the doctors say is what I have been doing. My chest is already six years old, and it is necessary to take care of it, there are many procedures and limitations. In general, you need to think about the body from a youth, how to think about a rich pension from the moment you receive your first salary. Here I smear my body with various creams, they need to be chosen depending on their financial capabilities. What everyone can afford and this must be practiced by everyone - a douche.In any season. 15 minutes hot and cold. It is incredibly invigorating. Add to this exercise in the morning and a healthy lifestyle in general. I think personally I have greatly rejuvenated recently, because I live outside the city - I am building a family nest. I come to Moscow for shooting - my head starts to ache, and there it is good. But my main advice is: if you allow money and health, you need to go to clinics and do plastic surgeries. Well, it is necessary - and all.

Date: 14.10.2018, 01:01 / Views: 63143

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