Headband with wildflowers

A rim with daisies and cornflowers from the fabric in guilloche technique.Headband with wildflowers
And this will require the following materials and tools:
  • - iron bezel.
  • - two-sided thin adhesive tape.
  • - blue thin ribbon for the rim.
  • - scissors.
  • - lighter.
  • - a soldering iron with a fine tip.
  • - a small piece of glass or tile.
  • - two circles from a tin can with a diameter of 4.5 see
  • - ribbon in 5 cm white, yellow and blue (you can use synthetic fabric).
  • - iron ruler.
  • - glue gun.
  • - cotton ear sticks.
  • - green felt Go color.
  • - blue stamens for flowers.
  • - ordinary black threads.
  • - a bit of any white paint.
Everything is ready and getting to work. Let's start with the rim. Since the glue is poorly adhered to the metal, we will use double-sided tape.
The rim with wildflowers
On the upper side and along the entire rim we glue a strip of adhesive tape. If it goes beyond the edges, it should be cut strictly along the width of our base.Then you need to attach a thin ribbon on top of the tape. At the very beginning of the rim we glue a few turns of the tape, going to the upper and lower sides of the base. That when using a product did not press behind ears. And then the tape is fastened only over the tape, lifting the protective film.
The rim with field colors
And we complete the processing of the rim with curls on the second edge of the base. /sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/uploads/posts/2017-07/medium/1501130467_4-obodka_s_polevymi_cvetami.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Headband with wildflowers"> Now we can move on to colors. We will make of tapes or synthetic fabric of the desired color. In the composition itself there will be 5 cornflowers and 4 daisies. And for this, we cut 16 white squares, and the blue ones will be 40 pieces. All are 4.5 cm.
Headband with wildflowers
And we will cut the heated soldering iron on the prepared surface. We use two templates from tin. One circle should be changed by making teeth all over the edge.
Headband with wildflowers
Cut out curly blue petals according to the pattern. And on the white circle need additional processing. First, put a dot in the center.Next, with the help of a ruler and a soldering iron, we first divide the circle into 4 equal parts, then divide each quarter into 3 petals with two lines. Just do not forget in the middle of the blank to leave a pristine circle of 1 cm in diameter. It turns out daisy with 12 petals. It remains only in each petal to round off accurately sharp angles with the help of a cigarette lighter.
Headband with field flowers
Now you can proceed to the assembly of daisies. Only additionally you need to make blanks for the middles. Cut out stripes 18 cm long and 1 cm high from a yellow ribbon or fabric. We make small fringe on them. We also need 4 circles of felt with a diameter of about 2 cm. And for the basis of the middle we will use the cut off half of the earwax.
Headband with wildflowers
Naturally, we’ll be the first to glue the middle of a daisy. First, we stick cotton wool with a fringe, and then place the remaining strip around the stick at the same level. We work with glue only the bottom edge of the fringe blank.
Headband with wildflowers
Then we straighten the middle part and glue two flap circles one by one below,passing them through the designated center.
Headband with wildflowers
And when the glue is well fixed, cut the stick at the level of the last petals. And on top of the cut we attach a green circle made of felt.
Rim with wildflowers
All 4 chamomiles do the same.
Headband with wildflowers
Now, go to the cornflowers. For one flower, you will need 8 blue petal circles, a blank of felt with a diameter of 2 cm, a spool of thread.
Headband with wildflowers
First, let's process the prepared circles. We fold the blank in half horizontally, keep it folded up. Then again fold in half, but tilts to the side. Then hold the blank for the folded middle and fold the resulting two folds again in half. By separately we lower the corners down, only in different directions, we get a common folded triangle. Lighter fasten middle, so that the assembly is not opened at all. Make 8 petals.
Headband with wildflowers
Now we will mount them on the green circle. First sticking in opposite directions.Top, bottom, opposite sides.Headband with field colors Only 4 blanks were used. And the rest should be placed one at a time between the first ones attached.Headband with wildflowers Collect all 5 cornflowers, the center of the flower remains free.
Headband with wildflowers
Now we need the stamens that we will make of black threads. On the 4 fingers of your hand winding thread, about about a hundred turns. Then mentally divide the stacked threads into 3 parts. And in two places we glue, we give time for the glue to set.
Rim with wild flowers
Then cut each strip of adhesive in two with scissors. Immediately you need to additionally process the glue sections, so that the threads do not jump out. We equal the height of the resulting stamens, smooth out.
Headband with wildflowers
And fasten them well to the center of each cornflower. We distribute so that there is no empty space. To complete the flower, it remains only to process with white paint, walk a little along the upper edges of the stamens. Give it a good dry, because different colors have their own time of drying.
Headband with wildflowers
Well, now it's time to collect the whole composition on a prepared base. Additionally, we prepare 8 bunches of ready-made stamens for flowers. In each workpiece there are 5 threads folded in half and glued to the bottom. Rim with wild flowers These beams will be attached to chamomiles, placing them from the center on one line. Just turning in different directions glue on felt. 1501131752_23-obodka_s_polevymi_cvetami.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Headband with wildflowers"> Now we fix all the finished flowers on the bezel. First glue the cornflower strictly in the middle of the base. From two sides of it we place on the daisy. Stamens are located in the sides of the cornflower.
The rim with wildflowers
Then just follow the sequence of blanks and sticking, alternating flowers.Finishing the composition with cornflowers.
Headband with wildflowers
Do not forget about the seamy side of the work. Cut another 9 green blanks and they close all the places of connection of flowers with a rim. If there is a tape with an inscription about manual work, you can also attach it.
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