Reverse decoupage on a plate

Reverse decoupage- is a paper application, laid on a hard surface and covered with varnish and / or paint on top. Thanks to this technology, you can create your own masterpieces with your own hands. So, for example, if you have plain materials, you can create a collection of glass plates that can serve as a complement to the sideboard or a wall decoration. To make a reverse decoupage on a plate, you will need the most uncomplicated materials and tools: -The glass plate; -Paper napkins or rice paper; -PVA glue; -Acrylic paint ( white, color); -Brush (the brush should be synthetic, otherwise natural villi will begin to fall out during work); -Dry spangles; -Sponge or sponge.
materials for decoupage
In our country, in industrial stores to find napkins with drawings, they were the need for hand-made articles. Such napkins are imported from Germany, and as an alternative, you can use rice paper.The processing method of rice paper is identical to napkins. So, with your hands, begin to tear off the outline of the drawing, leaving an edge of 1-3 mm.
 napkins with pictures
The napkin should have a minimum thickness, so remove all excess layers. As a rule, such napkins are three-layered, so the lower two layers will have to be removed.
 separating the layer
Place the paper applications according to your sketch. The surface of the plate should not contain fingerprints, particles of glue and dirt. Before the procedure, wash it thoroughly and wipe it with a rag towel.
 we put on the plate
Napkins will be placed on the back of the plate, therefore the same should be done at the bottom of the plate the wrong side.
 Lay paper applications
Now start to paste the pictures with PVA glue. If the glue is very thick, dilute it with water - from this it will not lose its adhesive properties. Do this procedure carefully so that the wipes do not break.If desired, you can sprinkle glitter on the place covered with glue - the plate will look more beautiful.
 cover with glue
Now dry the glue dry. Do not be alarmed if the wipes will initially have white turbidity due to glue. After the final drying, the glue will become practically transparent.
Now apply a thin layer of acrylic paint with a sponge. The background of the plate should not be very bright, so dilute the color paint with white until the color becomes moderately light.
 layer of acrylic paint
Now with a hairdryer, dry the paint dry. Do not try to see your work and touch it with your fingers, otherwise fingerprints will remain on the paint.
One coat of paint is not enough, therefore apply a second one. If you are not satisfied with this thickness, you can safely put the third and subsequent layers of other colors. The main thing - do not forget to dry each layer to dryness. If the plate is to be used, apply a thin layer of acrylic lacquer on top of the acrylic paint and dry it.Thus, the varnish will protect the plate from water.
 put the second layer
The plate turned out very bright and funny, and most importantly - made by your hands! At the big desire you can create the whole collection from such plates with various images.
Reverse decoupage on a plate
 decoupage on a plate

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