Repair of satellite TV tricolor TV set

Repair built-in power supply and buttons, satellite TV set-top box TV tricolor.
 Repair tricolor set-top box TV
I didn’t come up with a non-working satellite set-top box satellite TV DRS-5003, I it was presented when it broke, its former owner just bought a new one. The receiver broke down, as my comrade said, not silently, as often happens when, for example, the firmware flies, dries, or capacitors are blown up, the fuse blows, etc. He said that he had heard the clap, and my first suspicion was that a capacitor had burst in the power supply, decided to reanimate it (as the saying goes, an autopsy will show what happened there). When I opened it, I saw a terrible picture, some details of the receiver were even invisible due to dust.
 Repair of TV tricolor set-top box
First of all, I looked at the fuse, although without opening it was clear that it was blown, so it is a fuse so that its thread melts as quickly as possible, until serious damage to the device and home electrics occurred. Unscrewing the board, the power supply unit discovered the place of the “mini explosion”. In the photo below, the fuse was marked in red and a spot on the substrate was near the “epicenter of the explosion.”
 Repair tricolor tv prefix
 Repair tricolor TV set
Using a vacuum cleaner and a brush, cleaned the receiver of dust. It is dust that is often the cause of electronic breakdowns.
 Repair tricolor TV consoles
After cleaning, I found a place where several parts had been damaged due to moisture, cleaned, got rid of soldering flux and soldered them until they fell off completely and the oxides did not cut the details with each other.
 Repair of the tricolor TV set-top box

In the bottom photo, the actual place where the track on the board broke.At first I wiped this place with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, as there was a black spot, partially cleaned the lacquer of the track, finished it with a soldering flux and soldered a piece of wire, so I restored the path. Then he assembled, replaced the fuse, turned on the set-top box and everything worked as it should.
 Repair tricolor TV set
Everything of course turned on, but the buttons on the console panel should have been press hard, the remote forgot to pick up, and I love it when everything works as it should and decided to clean them at the same time. Of course, they would have to be replaced, but since the nearest electronics store is one hundred and fifty kilometers away and the “donor”, ​​as luck would have it, didn’t have to be cleaned for now.
Repair tricolor tv prefix
First, solder them from the board, then disassemble the buttons. The photo shows how the round plate has darkened. Carefully cleaned all contacts, including the record.
 Repair tricolor set-top box TV
After cleaning. And he brought all this stuff back to it with glue. So that everything accidentally doesn’t peel off a little, bent the iron frame from the back.
 Repair tricolor tv prefix
 Repair tricolor prefix TV
Of course, this is a temporary option, but as we know, there is nothing more permanent than a temporary one. In the same way, I cleaned the mouse buttons and for more than a year they did not bother me. The main thing is not to scrape off the thin layer deposited on the contacts and the plate, otherwise they will oxidize much faster. This is actually the result of my work.
 Repair tricolor tv prefix
Repair tricolor TV set

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