Red lipstick and safari: Angelina Jolie flew to Africa

Still, red lipstick is the best (and most affordable) remedy for depression, spleen and other adversity! Just look at Angelina Jolie, who flew to the capital of Kenya Nairobi with a humanitarian mission: she again smiles and looks happy. And in many respects thanks to the red lipstick, with which we have not seen it for 100 years. And the safari-style suit to the UN ambassador is refreshing, not so much black, in which she seems painfully thin.




As we can see from the pictures from the press conference on the protection of refugees, Angelina Jolie recovered from a divorce from Brad Pitt and returned to work. She flew to Kenya for the third time and, according to rumors, plans to move with children to Africa. It is not known at all or for the time being, as it is unclear whether this idea will appeal to the former spouse of the actress, who sees children so little and even spent Fathers Day alone. Angelina and Brad only recently began to communicate with each other without lawyers, I would not want their relationship to be heated again to the limit.

Date: 08.10.2018, 11:59 / Views: 62383

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