Realistic art pugs from nylon pantyhose

With a glimpse of the unique works of the Zaporozhye mistress, it is not immediately possible to determine that you have the creation of human hands. The original pugs are exactly copied from their four-legged relatives. And they are made from old nylon pantyhose.

Realistic puppies, the basis for the creation of which were unnecessary tights, cause a storm of emotions. From a distance it is extremely difficult to distinguish them from real ones, and in the photo they even come to life. Having perfected her mastery to perfection, the craftswoman, at the request of the owners of real dogs, makes unique copies. Among the crafts, not only pugs in full size, but also reduced copies. Not even an exception, even rings and pendants.

In her work, Lyubov Moshak uses a stretch technique. Copying the fold behind the fold, noticing every detail, she seemed to inhale the soul in each of the puppies.

Not surprisingly, charming puppies are not lacking in attention. Many of them become part of the collections or faithful companions of dogs that served as prototypes for creating nylon brethren.

Charming Liu, namely, Lyubov Moshak, who signs his works in this way, does not cease to do what he likes, which means that we will be able to admire the charming art pugs created by a talented master.

Date: 08.11.2018, 07:52 / Views: 64343

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