Reading - Medication for Stress

Why books have such a healing effect

When a person is immersed in reading, he follows the course of the plot, the actions of the characters, he willy-nilly "turns off" from his problems, troubles, and negative thoughts. And if at the same time he likes the book, the body begins to produce so-called “pleasure hormones” - endorphins. They stimulate the immune system, increase stress resistance. As a result, a person either temporarily forgets about problems, troubles, or they no longer seem so serious to him.
In addition, if the book describes how the hero overcame tests, came out of a dangerous situation with honor, this can serve as a good example for the reader, inspire him with the idea that there are no hopeless situations, the main thing is not to give up and not to despair. And if the book is fun, it contains a lot of humorous scenes, the reader will definitely come in a good mood. Where there are smiles and laughter, there is no place for stress.To relieve stress, a book of various genres will suit, if only it was well written and liked by the reader.Although reading a work with a very sad, tragic plot is hardly worth it, because then the stress can only be exacerbated.

A book is a more effective medicine than music, a walk or a cup of tea.

Recently, a group of British scientists conducted an interesting series of experiments. The volunteers, divided into groups, were deliberately confronted with situations causing stress (heavy physical exertion, sudden fright, etc.), after which each group was offered a certain “medicine” for stress relief. Someone went for a walk, someone listened to pleasant relaxing music. The third group was offered tea or coffee, and the fourth - reading different books. Then, after a while, indicators were taken (pulse rate, blood pressure values, reaction rate to stimuli, etc.). It turned out that reading was the best means against stress.It turned out to be 15% more efficient than music, 30% more than tea or coffee, and almost 60% more than walks.
Therefore, if you have a stressful situation, take a good book at home and immerse yourself in reading! It is possible that this medicine will help you.

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