Quiz: 7 simple questions about the Earth that are answered correctly only by scholars

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Earth today - the only planet on which life is observed. Her age is more than 4.54 billion years. Scientists devote a lot of time and money to unraveling the secrets of the blue planet, but to this day there are unresolved aspects and open questions. Geological transformation and development of living organisms occurs continuously.

Due to the special conditions: the atmosphere, the presence of water and a favorable temperature - we can safely call the planet home. But how much do we know about the planet, which ensures our comfortable life among the harsh outer space? The test includes 7 simple questions about planet Earth, but not many give the correct answers to each of them. Test your erudition: try to pass the test perfectly. At the end of the test, the correct answers are displayed, which will help not only to test oneself, but also to assimilate new knowledge.

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