Fallout 3 Quantum Stake Kernels

quantum core cola
Good day to all, in this short article I will tell you how to make a Kant core of Fallout 3. For this we need: 1. Glass a bottle of cola. 2. Any drink or liquid of blue color. (I took the Powerade power engineer) 3. picture with the label of the call cores.
 quantum col nuclei
For the stand: Not a big foam plastic bar, a couple of battery LEDs with turn off, putty and paint to paint the future surface, as well as sleeves suitable as exterior decoration.
quantum cola nucleus

 quantum stake cores
quantum core nuclei
quantum col nuclei
First of all, we empty the cola bottle and fill it with blue liquid, wipe the emery bottle cover with a slightly rubbing lid,and the label is slightly moistened with water, creating an effect of aging.  quantum stake cores

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