Tangerines in caramel syrup

Tangerines in caramel syrup- a recipe. In the process of baking, some of the juice is evaporated, a thick caramel syrup turns out. It’s better to eat hot - just cooked.


  1. puff pastry 500 gr;
  2. Mandarin (orange) 2 pcs;

caramel syrup:  

  1. butter 100 g;
  2. sugar 80g;
  3. orange juice 250 ml.


Preparing the filling for puffs. Tangerines (oranges) are cleaned, divided into lobules and remove the film.

Roll the dough out, cut into triangles. At the wide end, put the mandarin slice. At the narrow edge we make elongated cuts. Turn off, giving the shape of a bagel or croissant.

Combine ingredients for the sauce: mix orange juice with sugar and softened butter (for homogeneity, heat the sauce in a water bath).

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