Proper stitching petunia for abundant flowering

Petunia is an unpretentious plant that for a long time pleases gardeners with beautiful and bright flowers. To make the bush truly lush and voluminous, you need to pinch it from time to time, and many summer residents know about it. But how to pinch a petunia so that it blooms really richly? It turns out that there are a number of rules that should be followed.

Proper pinching will ensure the formation of a lush and beautiful crown. The stem of the plant begins to thicken, the leaves will turn to a more saturated green color, and the kidneys will in the meantime awaken and will increase significantly in size. Pinch petunia should be until the end of the growing season.

Depending on how the plant is an adult, pinching is done with a shear, scissors, or just fingers. Pinching begin to hold from the moment when the petunia will form at least 6 petals.

Using tools or just fingers, the upper part of a petunia 5-6 mm long is separated from the plant to stimulate the growth of side shoots.A cut or pinned stalk can be put into water to give roots. In the future, it will be ready for transfer to the ground.

Pinching should be done every month, up to the moment when the plant is transformed into a copiously blooming petunia. After pinching, feed the plant with a universal mineral fertilizer or growth stimulator. In addition, it is necessary to regularly cut wilted flowers so that the petunia spends all its strength in the formation of lateral shoots.

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