Practical and exquisite stand: easy, inexpensive, very beautiful!

This stand for pencils, scissors and other stationery not only helps you to clean up the desk, but also decorates it.Your guests will not believe that you have done this thing yourself! And having learned how easy it is to manufacture, they will certainly want to do the same, or will gladly accept this practical stand as a gift.

How much time is required:1 hour. Complexity:easily

You will need:

  • old vinyl record
  • metal cup
  • acrylic paints.

To soften the plate, we used an ordinary oven. It is a little harder to do this if you simply dip it in hot water, but it is also possible.

If you want to decorate the future stand, you can give free rein to fantasy and paint one side with acrylic paints. It is possible to do this BEFORE softening the plate, when it is still flat, and maybe later.We are so fond of this work that we have prepared a whole batch!

The oven should be heated to 98 ° C. Place the plate on a metal bowl turned upside down. If you have applied a design, the DIFFERENT SIDE MUST BE ABOVE. This photo was a simple black disk. After about 2-5 minutes (it depends on the operation of your oven) the disc will start to slowly melt, you will see how the edges start to sink in waves.

Carefully remove the plate with the bowl, use kitchen tacks, and place them on a cutting board or other heat-resistant surface.

And now place the softened plate inside the metal bowl and try to quickly create smooth folds of different sizes - these are notches for pencils, rulers and other things. It is up to you to decide which form will be most suitable. You can even not form anything, but simply hold the plate in the bowl until it cools.

Vinyl will cool very quickly. If this happens before you finish the work, you can reheat it in the oven again.

With the first copy, you may need 2-3 attempts before you achieve the desired result.Well, let alone the next stand, everything will go like clockwork.

When this cute art object finally cooled down, a protective acrylic layer was sprayed over the outer painted surface. Everything is dry, you can add stationery!

What a beauty this new desktop item is! Multicolored, brilliant, stable and practical, besides it looks like a real work of art! And most importantly, made by hand.

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