Potato Dishes

My husband refuses to eat any side dishes except potatoes. In our menu: fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, boiled in pieces, "in uniforms", baked in the oven. How else can you cook it? What can be cooked from it to slightly diversify the potato menu


My husband also believes that eating without potatoes cannot be eaten. I myself do not really love her, and there is the same thing - not for me. I also try experimenting with stewed tomato juice, then with different vegetables. In general, I get ideas from the Internet. I will read the recipes, and I will think up something for myself. Look here for variations on how to cook boiled potatoes.


I like to cook potatoes with meat in the oven. It is necessary to cut the potatoes about a cm thick, put it on a baking sheet, greased with butter. On top of the meat (I take the chops and cut them as chops) salt and pepper to taste. You can top vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes) and cheese on top and in the oven for 40-60 minutes.

"In general, we try not to eat fried potatoes - it is very high in calories and not healthy. It’s good for every couple of months. Better stew for example with meat.

Of course, it’s not so serious to get involved in potato, but if you cook with good butter and more often in the oven, then that's okay. As I understand, you cook both soups and borscht, so there is nothing terrible about a side dish to eat from potatoes. I myself love potatoes. I love when tasty.

Dada, it is best to cook in good butter. I now love to cook potatoes with meat in the oven, such as how to lay out the layers. But yes, the most important thing is oil, the taste of the dish is very dependent on it. Once I asked my husband to buy oil, so they bought something incomprehensible, it is impossible to cook on it. Quite the taste of potatoes spoiled. In general, I buy some products via the Internet, so let's say I take the oilhttps://instamart.ru/metro/maslo-podsolniechnoie-sloboda-rafinirovannoie-diezodorirovanvanie

I like it very much, there is no nasty smell, it is good to cook on it and in salads perfectly!

It can quickly be delicious! subscribe to the channelhttps://t-do.ru/fastpovarand enjoy the process of cooking your favorite dishes!

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we love grilled potatoes, smear vegetable oil with spices and garlic in advance

a guest31.08.18 22:32

I am baked with cream or sour cream, you can add spices, herbs, in the Redmont multicooker does not stick.

I still make potato chips in the microwave. Very tasty

I can say that not everyone guesses about the beneficial properties of potatoes. But after reading the article about her favorhttp://polza-ne-vred.ru/ovoshhi/v-chem-polza-i-vred-syirogo-kartofelyaI can say that I began to use it in my diet much more often.

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