Poems from parents at the Graduation and Last bell in kindergarten, 4, 9 and 11 classes - beautiful and touching to tears

On the eve of the end of the school year, the question almost always arises of which verses from parents at the kindergarten graduation day and the last bell at the school are most suitable. As an aid in solving this problem, we offer a new collection of rhymed works, ideally corresponding to the subject and meaning of these beautiful holidays.

Poems from parents at the Graduation and Last bell in kindergarten, 4, 9 and 11 classes - beautiful and touching to tears

In our collection there are beautiful rhymed greetings for teachers and kindergarten staff. They will certainly touch the soul and lift the mood of the staff of the children's institution. Cheerful and perky quatrains will fall in the heart of elementary school teachers, and students in 4th grade will be pushed to new accomplishments.

Touching to tears, delicate poetic greetings will make the senior school staff cry at the last bell celebration, and graduates of grades 9-11 will inspire active movement forward and overcoming all obstacles.

Cool poems for parents from graduate kindergarten teachers

Poems from parents at the Graduation and Last bell in kindergarten, 4, 9 and 11 classes - beautiful and touching to tears

The best funny poems to teachers from their parents at graduation in kindergarten will sound quite appropriate and timely. They can be included in the program of the holiday matinee and read immediately after the official introductory speech, which will be delivered by the head of the children's institution.

To make the number bright and effective, parents should create an initiative group of fathers and mothers who will be engaged in preparing speeches. The same adults should be assigned to search for options that match the subject and style of the event.

Too long pieces are not needed. It is better to choose short funny poems with greetings and cheerful wishes, and then distribute them to several adults to learn by heart. On the eve of the holiday, it is necessary to hold a rehearsal to find out how moms and dads coped with the task.If the poems literally bounce off the teeth, then everything is in order and a cool number with congratulations can be included in the program of the graduation party in the kindergarten.

Examples of funny poems with congratulations from parents to teachers at a matinee in honor of graduation in kindergarten

This section contains the best verse greetings for educators. Parents can read them at the matinee in honor of the final holiday in kindergarten. In such an original, joyful way, it is appropriate to congratulate the mentors on the end of the school year and wish them all the most enjoyable life benefits.


Thank you, that you taught our children,

To help them always, you, as mothers, hurried,

Fed, cherished all preschool children ...

Every parent, glad to see you!


It will be sad for us, without your care,

But, we wish you, wonderful work,

Happiness, health, success, luck,

So that everything was so, and not otherwise!



Our moms are the second

Your chicks now

Go to the first class.


We congratulate you on this

Very appreciate, we respect.

Let your pupils

They can make our world more beautiful.


Thank you for your work,

For kindness, warmth, care

From the heart we want to say

Happiness in life to wish!


And again you say goodbye to children
They will not approach you any more, they will not ask anything.
They have become sons, daughters,
A part of you they carry away in your heart.

And let the school days whirl,
Textbooks, diary, backpack, grades,
But everyone will save in his heart,
The way they blew on the broken knees.

We sincerely thank you
For tenderness, warmth, love and affection,
What did you give to our dear children,
For their happy, shining eyes.


You gave our children

A piece of your heat

You taught them a lot

But it's time to say goodbye.


Our guys have matured,

On the horizon, first class.

Say thank you we wanted

Let happiness not bypass you.


And caregivers, and nannies,

Bow to you low from the heart.

For what your eyes

The world looked kids!


Congratulations on graduation

All kindergarten teachers,

We wish each of you,

So that happiness was always there,

From all parents now

Accept many wishes,

We thank you for everything

For your sensitivity and diligence!

Touching poems at graduation in kindergarten from parents to staff

Poems from parents at the Graduation and Last bell in kindergarten, 4, 9 and 11 classes - beautiful and touching to tears

One of the most successful ideas is to pass on touching poems at the graduation day in kindergarten from parents to the staff of the institution.Their work is not as noticeable as the work of educators, but it is just as important to say this at the final matinee.

Dedicate greetings and read beautiful, reverent poems to nurses, cleaners, kitchen workers and other kindergarten staff moms and dads can immediately after they greet the teaching staff. Too long works are not needed here. It is enough just to recite 2-3 poems with kind, good wishes and the staff will be very pleased. After all, even the most modest and inconspicuous worker is pleased and glad to know that his work is visible and receives a well-deserved praise.

Variants of touching poems with congratulations for kindergarten staff from parents on graduation matinee

Our new collection includes the most beautiful congratulations and touching poems for the personnel of the kindergarten. Dads and moms of kids easily memorize works by heart and on the day of the graduation matinee they recite them out loud, congratulating workers of the primary educational institution on this holiday and thanking them for their daily hard work devoted to children.


Thank you want to say

We are our dear nurse.

Health, good wishes,

The trouble let him go side.

Dreams come true more often,

Salary let you happy.

And life will be brighter and sweeter,

You strength and patience stock!


You took our kids toddlers,

Which bad still say.

Diligently eat with their spoons,

But do not want to dress up ...

Children accustomed diligently to order,

They have a lot to explain to them:

And how to wash and do exercises,

Go to the pot and fall asleep in sleep.

And tears, and snot they need to wipe,

Distract, calm, understand, regret.

Teaching how to move in harmony to music

Sculpt, draw and sing a little!

And moms calmly go to work

We know - in good hands kids.

For your love and your care,

For the work we are grateful to you from the heart!


How fast time runs away

Today release for the first time

Our children. Wish,

Do not forget them about all of you.

Your work is not easy, but so important

We sincerely want to admit

Being a tutor is a courage

Which you simply can not take away.


With the garden today said goodbye

Our kids - they grew up,

With you so many years they talked,

We are grateful to you for this.

All that you invested in our children:

And care, affection and love,

What they were taught in the garden

Let the blood flow into their hearts.

Thank you, speak again,

And we wish you only happiness and good,

Let your joy laugh in your voice

Let every dream come true.


Children - a special, radiant people,

Not everyone will find an approach to them,

Not at all, so how not cool

The key to the hearts of them will be able to find!

Only to one who is bright and clean

Who, as a child, is open and radiant,

In whom kindness and warmth live,

Children meet with love!

All of you are so characteristic of these

The qualities that all children adore,

Apparently, in defiance of all clichés,

You are all children remain in the shower!

So do not be sad and do not lose heart,

Warm up all your warmth,

You are a sample, you are an example, a standard!

Be happy! Earthly bow to you!

What poems and congratulations from parents are suitable for graduation and the last bell for grade 4

Poems from parents at the Graduation and Last bell in kindergarten, 4, 9 and 11 classes - beautiful and touching to tears

If there is a problem with understanding which congratulations and poems from parents are suitable for graduation and the last call for grade 4, we will help you choose the right piece. First you need to determine who you plan to congratulate. For fourth-graders who celebrate graduation and final bell, short verses are more suitable, containing inspirational phrases and kind parting words that encourage children to study hard further and achieve their goals.

When it is necessary to greet teachers, the approach must be somewhat different. It is necessary to find very sincere poems, containing not only congratulations on the graduation and last bell in elementary school, but also the words of immense gratitude for the love, care and attention with which the teachers surrounded the students. Such works of moms and dads should be read on the ruler in honor of the last call or on the final matinee, symbolizing the end of training in elementary school.

A collection of congratulations and poems from moms and dads teachers and graduates of primary classes on the last bell

This is an updated collection of congratulations and beautiful poems that parents can recite at graduation celebration in 4th grade. With the help of these lines, moms and dads will easily and comfortably greet both the children and the teaching staff of the elementary school on the last bell.


At primary school

Today is graduation.

4 years have passed

At the bottom of one.


You will replenish the fall

A team of high school students.

Items are waiting for you new,

And weekdays are waiting, and holidays.


With the teacher first

It's time to say goodbye.

And more babies

You are not called.


I wish in high school

I wish you success,

To be interesting

And you just learn.


You go to the fifth grade - you are big,

Beautiful, tall, cool,

And wise, and literate too.

And no one in the world is more expensive!


Let it be easy for you to study,

And the big world will open with a smile,

And smiles at you from the sun from the sky,

And there will be many amazing wonders!


And we thank all teachers -

For all we thank them,

We wish the earthly prosperity,

Success daily big!


With graduation 4th grade!

We are glad to congratulate you.

A new path awaits you in life

He leads to the top of knowledge.


We wish you aspirations,

New glorious adventures,

Only positive ratings

And fun breaks.


Grow, do not be lazy

Learn everything important.

Big luck, bright days,

And cool and loyal friends.


When children are with you,

At heart, calm!

You will always come,

If it hurts!

Give a hand

If it is difficult!


Wherever possible!

You are irreplaceable

You are the only one

The most reliable

Most dear!


“Thank you” today we tell you

We thank you for our children,

You gave them a piece of yourself

They taught their lives, loving with all their hearts.

Teachers are better for us to imagine

We want to congratulate you today!

You can be proud of the release,

From you fly worthy birds!

Sincere, to tears, touching poems from parents on graduation and the last bell for grade 9 and 11

Poems from parents at the Graduation and Last bell in kindergarten, 4, 9 and 11 classes - beautiful and touching to tears

Very soulful, touching tears from the parents at the graduation in the 9th and 11th grades will sound like the most appropriate way. With these words it is appropriate to congratulate the teachers on the end of the school year and to greet the children beautifully with the coming of the holiday of the last bell. Words in verses can be read on a solemn ruler, where they will be heard not only by graduates, but also by boys and girls who are in primary and secondary school.

The poetic form will make the greeting brighter and will give it particular optimism, joy and positive. The rhymed lines will touch the souls of all those present at the last call and will inspire the guys to new achievements and the realization of their plans for the future.

A collection of tears touching poems with congratulations from moms and dads for graduates of grades 9-11 at the last bell

The most touching and spiritual poems that only adults can devote to graduates of grades 9 and 11 are posted here.They contain good congratulations on the day of the last call and parting words encouraging students to confidently go forward along the road of life, not to give up on the obstacles that arise, to set ambitious goals for themselves and to achieve them.


Kids grow up unnoticed

And they leave the house of their own ...

We are gorgeous on this day,

In the most important holiday - graduation -

We wish you happiness, freedom,

Find a vocation, your way.

Go ahead, get rid of adversity,

It is easy to step into the adult world!

Problems click like nuts,

Though it will be a great deal.

We believe in you. And love dearly.

Let you kids get lucky!


All children, teachers

With graduation congratulations.

Years school all of us

Made friends.


Thanks from parents

We speak to the teachers.

Kindness, love, care

Let the hundredfold return to you.


We would like our children:

Good luck and good luck!

Let on the road of life

Happiness will meet you.


Just yesterday was the first call

Acquaintance with the school, bouquets.

First grade and first lesson

And I gave you advice.


About life, about friendship and even love,

And a ton of homework.

And now you are already a graduate.

Attached so much effort.


Enter into a new life without fear.

For the best only hope.

If it is suddenly difficult - say without hiding

We certainly support you!


You, dear, are still ahead.

A lot of life will bring trials.

But sadness, adversity will be all over.

We are proud of you, you know!


How children grew up - I can not believe just

Unimportant, big or small growth,

With older kids you will not fall asleep,

When you are waiting for them from the disco for a long time!


We wish you beloved, beautiful and sweet,

Perseverance in learning, health and strength,

So that you spend your time in vain,

Everything in life is new, successfully creating!


Let there be recognition of your success,

There will be time for a walk, fun,

Do good by giving yourself

The whole world and people in this world loving!


You have graduation today,

Our baby, you are big now.

On the threshold of a new life you are standing,

We hope you surprise us!


To achieve a lot in life,

It will be necessary to work well.

Can you reach great heights

And a new star in the sky will rise!


We wish you to be persistent,

Smart brave sometimes agile.

Choose your right path in life

We wish you - do not collapse!

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