Pink bow with beads

When a baby appears in the family, I want it to be the most beautiful and cheerful child. You can, of course, go shopping in search of exclusive things, but I prefer to do them myself. Thus, such a pretty bow for the princess was born. It took me very few nerves to make it, a couple of hours of time and such materials:
  • satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • beads;
  • glue gun;
  • base for hairpins;
  • two skin circles.
such materials

First of all, we need to cut the ribbon into 11cm lengths. Such pieces we need about 60 pieces.
 cut the ribbon
Let's start creating. The cut-off must be folded in half, facing inward.
 The cut-off need to be folded
On the fold,preferably in the center, drop a drop of glue and press well.
 preferably centered
When the glue is a little dry, fold the edges again in half, also facing inwards.
 to combine with each other so
Now they need to be combined with each other so that they are layered.
everything was done correctly
We singe the ends with fire, thus we glue all the edges together. If everything is done correctly, the top should look like this.
 did everything correctly
Then, at the place where the tape stuck together, paste the bead.
glue the bead
This procedure is done with all segments of the tape. When all the blanks are prepared, we begin to collect the bow. I use leather for this.
 We begin to paste
We start to paste from the outer edge of the circle tocenter.
We begin to glue
I decided to glue to the beautiful side, because another such circle will be used, which will hide all the flaws on the wrong side. It is better to stick the second and subsequent rows in a staggered manner, relative to the previous one, then the bow will be more magnificent.
 We begin to stick
When it came time to do the middle, I just poured a lot of glue into it and put blanks in it.
 Pink bow with beads
The bow is ready, it remains only to fasten it on the base for the hairpin. For this, I decided to use a second piece of leather of the same size. In it, having previously measured the hairpin, we make two cuts, drag the edges of the hairpin and glue it to the first piece of leather with a bow.
 Pink bow with beads

As a result, a wonderful bow will decorate the princess's head.
 Pink bow with beads

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