Penthouse: what is it?

January 28, 2015
Penthouse: what is it?

Many townspeople often and willingly use the word "penthouse", and what it is they imagine is weak. Most vaguely imagines something very expensive, big and somewhere high. The word is synonymous with wealth, its embodiment and personification, but it is little associated with the real architectural structure.

Read more about what a penthouse is and what its required attributes are.

Penthouse: what is it from an American point of view

It was from the States that the term went for a walk around the world. Initially, it meant luxury apartments located on the roof of a residential building, having a separate, exclusively controlled by the owner, access to the elevator and access to the roof, which is a veranda for the penthouse. Of all the housing provided in the city (and especially in its center), this kind of a separate house is the most expensive and prestigious.

Mandatory and desirable penthouse features

  1. Exit to the terrace - it represents the roof, or it is attached additionally. No terrace - you live in the attic.
  2. Panorama.The view from your super expensive housing should be spectacular. Why a penthouse and should be located on a high-rise building - otherwise, instead of a panorama, you have the windows of a neighboring house, and you again huddle in the attic.
  3. Glazing. The most correct is solid. That is, all exterior walls should be transparent to admire the panorama. Partial glazing is acceptable, but then already done in extra-class.

It remains to understand why the penthouse is bought, what it is in the eyes of its owner. No higher environmental friendliness, no panorama justifies such a high price of such housing. But the fact of the matter is that for those who acquire it, the penthouse is not real estate, it is proof of the status of its owner. Something like a Rollex watch: time can be recognized by the Chinese (or even on a mobile phone), and the Rollex is prestige.

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