Knitted heart pendant

Everyone knows how popular handmade jewelry is - they captivate us with their individuality and originality; therefore, most fashionistas want to have at least a few handmade jewelry in their jewelry box. Massive polymer clay pendants are great budget jewelery. I propose to make a large pendant made of polymer clay, which will look something like a sweater. So, for work we will need: - polymer clay bars of any color (preferably red or pastel colors) ; - office knife; - connecting rings (2 pieces); - chain.
 will be needed
Step 1. First you need to knead well a large piece of pastel (or red) polymer clay and roll it into a ball.
Step 2. Roll out a long sausage from the obtained ball, not too thin, but not too thick (further when twisting, it will become thinner,so you need to take this into account).
 piece of polymer clay
Step 3. Fold the sausage in half, carefully measuring out every millimeter so that the sausages are perfectly level.
Fold the sausage in half
Step 4. Divide the sausage folded in half into two absolutely flat parts.
 Divide folded in half
Step 5. Twist one of the sausages in a clockwise direction.
Step 6. Twist the other sausage counterclockwise.
 We connect both
Step 7. We connect both spun sausages and tightly pressed to each other.
We connect both
Step 8. Take a small leaf and a pencil.
 leaf and pencil
Step 9. Fold it in half and draw a half heart.
 Pendant Knitted Heart
Step 10. Cut a heart out of paper.
Pendant of the Knitted Heart
Step 11. We start to lay out the twisted sausages on a paper heart, putting the first one in the center, and then continue to move to the sides.
The Knitting Heart Pendant

Step 12. Carefully separate the edges of the sausages along the contour of the heart.
 Pendant Knitted heart
Step 13. Fold the first half on the heart, then the second.
 Pendant Knitted Heart
The Knitting Heart Pendant

Step 14. Now we roll another big ball of exactly the same color as the heart.
 Pendant Knitted Heart
Step 15. Making the basis for a false knitted heart from a rolled layer of previously softened clay. We make sure that the edges of the heart were neat, well trimmed exactly oncontour.
Pendant Knitted Heart
Step 16. Make two identical holes at the same distance in the heart, then attach the chain there.
Pendant Knitted heart
Step 17. Now you can take a small piece of polymer clay of a different color and, having softened it, roll the ball.  Pendant Knitted heart
Step 18. Carefully roll the ball into the oval.
 Pendant Knitted Heart
Step 19. Cut the oval in half diagonally.
 Pendant Knitted Heart
Step 20.We connect two pieces so that a heart is formed.
 Pendant Knitted Heart
Step 21. Carefully shape the heart with needles and stacks.
 Pendant Knitted Heart Step 22. Flattening out, attach a small heart to the edge of a large heart.
 Pendant Knitted heart
Step 23. Bake the product under the specified conditions in the instructions.
Pendant Knitted Heart
Step 24. Pass through the connecting rings in the holes.
 The Knitting Heart Pendant
Pendant Knitted Heart

Step 25. Attaching the chain to the connecting rings.  Pendant Knitted Heart
Your wonderful pendant is ready!
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