Pencil bag &MonsterCorporation"

Pencil case "Monster Corporation"- a wonderful handbag with a cute monster.

Materials and tools:

  1. thread according to the key;
  2. yellow canvas 15x20cm;
  3. Striped fabric, 3 stripes 13x20cm;
  4. termopodlozhka;
  5. Velcro or metal clasp.


Step 1

Cut the embroidery so that it is 13x20 cm in size. Fasten its inside out with a thermal pad. Cut three more pieces of fabric with a pattern of the same size.

Folding face to face, sew one piece of fabric with a pattern and embroidery along the top edge. Do the same with the two other fabric parts with the pattern.

Fold face to face and align both stitched parts so that the seams match. On the machine, sew them around the perimeter, leaving a hole for turning in from the lining side.

Turn the product over the face and sew a hole with a hidden stitch. Thread the lining inside. Smooth the folds.Sew a velcro fastener or metal fasteners.

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