Paper Crafts for March 8

Crafts made from paper by March 8 are especially relevant, as they turn into one of the most wonderful ways to congratulate mothers, grandmothers and beloved sisters on the holiday. An original craft created by the hands of a baby will be glad to any woman. And paper products, among other things, have one big advantage - they are easy to store for a long time: it does not require a separate place, you can use a bookshelf or a desk drawer as a “storage”, after placing the craft into a folder.

Crafts from the paper by March 8

Crafts from paper by March 8

Particularly interesting are paper crafts by March 8 for children if izgotov lenii use not the usual variety of paper or technology to work with it. Babies like to try everything new.

For example, as a basis for crafting, you can take a sheet of metallized cardboard.

In order to make an article from this paper,You will need a ruler, pencil, scissors, glue, sequins and colored paper.

Getting started!

First of all, we suggest that the child find the center of the paper sheet with a ruler and carefully fold it in half.

 Find the middle of the leaf

Find the middle of the leaf

To make the bend as flat as possible, we first draw the dividing line.

>Do we draw

We draw a line

 Bend the leaflet

Bend the leaflet

We do cut in the center of the folded leaflet

Making a cut in the center of the folded leaflet

The sheet folded in half we have to turn into a figure eight.

To do this, we round out all its corners. You can pre-draw a line on which you want to cut the corner. If the work is for a very young child, it's just necessary to do this.

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