Painting "Sunflowers" in the technique of nitcography

Thread printing is such an exciting technique that when you see any picture, you already want to quickly decorate it not with felt-tip pens, paints and pencils, but with threads. Perfectly in this technique look vegetable objects (various flowers, trees), funny images of animals, landscape pictures and even portraits of people turn out. Each picture begins with the fact that you start to think about which colors to choose, where the main object of the work will be placed, and what shade will be best for the background. Today we will introduce you to a master class of the painting “Sunflowers” ​​in the technique of nitkografiya. Prepare such materials for work: - a piece of chipboard of any size (in the photo it is a rectangular blank 30x40 cm); - glue tube PVA and glue brush; - scissors; - simple pencil; - wooden long skewer; - threads for knitting of the same thickness (various shades of blue, yellow and green colors,plus black thread).
 Painting Sunflowers technique nitkografiya
Step 1. First, decide what picture you want to do, how many sunflowers there will be depicted in the picture. It can be a huge field or three large flowers (as in the photo). Draw the pencil you want to draw with a simple pencil. If you are not able to draw, then find a suitable image on the Internet, print it on the printer and paste to the base of the work. Step 2. Now you need to draw the borders of the images with the help of threads. The outlines of the stems and leaves should be marked with green, the petals of flowers should be yellow, and the midway sunflowers should be filled with black. To do this, apply glue in those places where the lines were drawn with a pencil. In order for the threads to lie flat on the base, you need to align them with a wooden stick.
 Painting Sunflowers technique nitcography
Step 3. Once the borders of the drawings are tight stick, you can begin to fill the image with colored threads.For sunflower petals, it is better to take all the shades of yellow, lemon, orange. To fill the inner space, it is important to cut the threads in size. Pre-measure the thread and cut the desired length. Or glue the end of the thread and cut it at the edge of the border.
 Painting Sunflowers technology nitcography
To paint the leaves and stems, take a dark green, light green, mint and light green thread. When gluing them, alternate shades to make the picture more colorful and bright. In order for the threads to stick smoothly and there are no empty spaces left, it is important to periodically correct them with a wooden stick and pull them up with your fingers, pressing them to the base.
 Painting Sunflowers technology nitcography

Step 4. To form a background color, take a light green thread and blue. Draw a horizon line and trace the sky and the earth. Try to be more careful at this stage so that the background is even and beautiful. This is such a beautiful, bright and fascinating picture obtained in the technique of nitcography. You just have to wait until all the threads stick together tightly and cut off exactly all those that hang outside the chipboard. Insert the picture in a beautiful frame and hang it on the most visible part of the wall. Friends and acquaintances who see such beauty will appreciate your talents and envy your perseverance.

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