Making a Christmas bell

Making a Christmas bell On New Year's holidays, children's morning performances, fir-trees, performances are held. All these activities require careful preparation. It is difficult to imagine a holiday without carnival costumes and bright decorations. Many of them can be done independently. This will not.

Pond at a private house

Pond at a private house Now for the pond at the site, you can use ready-made special capacity, but there is always another alternative. For the pond at my house I used an old acrylic corner bath with a volume of about 300 liters.

Construction of building foundations using piles

Arrangement of foundations of buildings by installing piles In the construction of buildings for various purposes today foundations pile foundations, providing high quality construction activities. Pile foundations are relevant when working on soils of varying complexity, including weak, bulk, swelling, permafrost and underworking areas.

Effective exercises to reduce the amount of hips

Effective exercises to reduce the amount of hips Instruction To become the owner of the figure of your dreams, you need to allocate time for daily workouts. Experts have already developed a set of exercises that will help in the shortest possible time to.

Horse from traffic jams

Horse from traffic jams For work we will need: - wine corks; - toothpicks; - threads; - all-purpose glue; - awl or large needle; - beads; - a piece of thick cloth or leather. 1. With the help of sewing, we make a hole.

A quick recipe for crispy Italian-style pastries

Fast recipe of crisp baking in Italian style Focaccia- thin bread made from wheat flour, is considered the predecessor of pizza or its earlier form. Bread is prepared very quickly and is so tasty that you can eat it without anything else, just like.

Gift wrapping Snowflake

Gift wrapping Snowflake We makeGift wrapping Snowflake, which is especially relevant on the eve of New Year and Christmas. Gift wrapping is great for small gifts, for example, for co-workers, friends and relatives. For making, you can use paper not only white, but blue.

Intricate Decor: Decorate with Sashiko Embroidery

Intricate Decor: Decorate with Sashiko Embroidery Sashiko - Japanese art of embroidery, which looks very intricate and difficult, but is easy to perform. Master this technique to give uniqueness to any thing. The clothes of the simplest cut will look elegant and very original.

Valentine Greeting Card

Valentine Greeting Card Very soon, the romantic holiday of winter will be in our love, the full name of this holiday is Valentine's Day. This is a celebration of love, romance and tenderness. On this day, lovers congratulate each other bright greeting cards "Valentine".

Alternative way to grow tomato seedlings without land

Alternative way to grow tomato seedlings without land Do you know that you can get seedlings without planting seeds in the ground? Of course, a full-fledged plant will not survive without soil, however, while we are talking only about the first stage - the.

Miniburgers with salmon

Miniburgers with salmon Miniburger with salmonis a recipe. Ingredients: dry yeast 2.5 tsp; warm milk 120 ml; flour 1 cup (250 ml); butter 100 g; Sugar 3 tbsp. l.; salt 1 pinch; chicken eggs 2 pcs. Cooking For the dough mix 2.5 tsp. dry.

Pencil Welding

Pencil Welding Miniature welding of metal conductors or small-sized parts can be done with a simple rod made from a simple pencil. A mini welding machine with a graphite rod is possible not only to weld, but to cut metals of small thickness. How.

Daria Zhukova and Roman Abramovich are divorced

Daria Zhukova and Roman Abramovich are divorced Amber Hurd and Ilon Mask are not the only couple about the parting of which became known today. Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova published an official application for divorce. “After 10 years of marriage, we made a.

Happy birthday to a man

Happy birthday greetings to a man If you enjoy the process of congratulating your birthday, then this article is sure to please you. After all, it will be about birthday men - men and about all sorts of ways how to congratulate them, what.

The basic rules of washing clothes in a washing machine

The basic rules of washing clothes in a washing machine Washing in an automatic typewriter is easy and simple. Every housewife at least once in her life has heard the phrases that “it’s all erasing itself”, and “grandmothers had to go to the river”.

Why a parrot has a beak

Why does the parrot have a beak? A parrot can become a true friend if you give it proper attention, care for it properly, and also monitor its health. For example, a symptom such as beak flaking should alert and become a reason for.

Designer Tips: 25 Important House Design Secrets

Designer Tips: 25 Important House Design Secrets It seems there is no end to the repair, but a nice cozy house is worth it. Anyone who wants to make a comfortable home with an individual character from housing will have to be patient, as.

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