Cake Dove

Cake Dove Cake Dove(6 servings) - A recipe. Ingredients: For strawberry jelly: 220 g of strawberries; 65 g of sugar 4 g leaf gelatin. For a soft biscuit: 125 grams of milk chocolate; 55 grams of butter; 55 g of sugar 100 egg whites;.

Aquarium lighting fix

Aquarium lighting fix The maintenance of an aquarium in an apartment is a matter that requires a detailed approach and a variety of knowledge. Including knowledge of lighting a can with fish (aquarists are called an aquarium a can). If the aquarium is functioning.

Needle - half an apple

Needle - half an apple Hello. Needle-bar is a very necessary thing for housewives. But everyone is used to seeing them square, round and not original. Today I want to share with you the idea of ​​how to quickly and easily make an original.

Hot sandwiches

Hot sandwiches Hot sandwiches- Cooking recipe. Ingredients: 1 egg 1 tbsp. mayonnaise; 1 tsp tomato paste; 1 sausage (or sausage); a slice of cheese; bread. Cooking Fast hot sandwiches, put the oven on full, preferably in the "grill" mode. While it warms up, we.

Painting on shellac

A picture on a gramophone For a long time I kept my favorite records, carried them with me even during my travels. But still there is nothing to listen to them, and the hand does not rise. So I decided to give some of.

Chair Restoration

Restoring the chair At my dacha, there was a chair for a long time, since my grandmother's time. I always liked it very much, and here I had a plan for its restoration. Moreover, recently "vintage" is becoming increasingly significant. Then I decided to.

The architect turned the old cement plant into his home

The architect turned the old cement plant into his home Back in 1973, renowned architect Ricardo Bofill bought one of the blocks of an abandoned cement plant in Barcelona. In two years, Ricardo turned these picturesque ruins into his residence. These are not only.

30 Ideas for garden and garden furniture

30 Ideas for garden furniture and cottages Crafts, Vintage, Workshop, Furniture, Garden Each of us, on hot summer days, wants to go to his country house, go out into the courtyard and sit in a cozy chair on the veranda or at a table.

Wood Scaffolding

Wood scaffolding During construction or maintenance of a private house you have to perform work at height. Not all work can be performed using a ladder or ladder. In such cases it is necessary to use scaffolding. The scaffolding can be made of various.

Draws and jokes

Pranks and jokes Workshops: 52 523 How to make a huge LED Have you ever held in your hands a huge LED, the size of a human fist? Of course not, because they do not exist. I will show how to make such an.

Wedding car decorations

Wedding car decorations In our time, preparing for a wedding is a successful business. Attention newlyweds are offered all possible accessories and decorative elements, many of which are not made in the best way, but at the same time they are very expensive. Some.

Lace-up toy

Toy-lacing from felt Developing toy-lacing from the felt "Rainbow Bug" Laces are recommended for games for children from 1.5 years. First, the child needs to be shown how to use a lace to connect parts. After he masters this type of game, tasks can.

Needle Box

Needle Box It seems very easy to sew the needle bed in the form of a square pad. But the needlewoman always wants something unusual and it is even necessary for creative inspiration. More complex versions of needle beds provide sewing soft toys in.

Cat game

A game complex for cats Buying a small purring pet, the future owners spend a lot of money to create comfortable conditions for them, such as sunbeds, mattresses, scratching posts, toys, etc. One of the best decisions of such accomplishment is a gaming complex.

Cube - transformer paper

Cube - transformer paper An interesting piece of paper “Cube - Transformer” can be made by yourself in a few minutes. For this we will need - sheet A - 4, tape, ruler, pencil. You can use any flat plate instead of a ruler.

Ladybug from Ribbons

Ladybug Ribbons Today we look at a detailed master class on making a ladybug from satin ribbons. This ladybug can be glued to either a children's wrap or a hairpin. This unusual accessory will perfectly complement any outfit of your little princess, and at.

A gift for men - a bouquet of socks

A gift for men - a bouquet of socks Socks - for men, which was a tradition, a reason for jokes, but remains the same option during the holidays. When there is no time to look for something unique or simply lack imagination, women.

Christmas Magnet

Magnet Christmas Few know that the holly is a symbol of Christmas. On this holly sit Christmas winter owls, guarding the house. I want to tell you how to make a magnet with these owls. Napkins can be bought in stationery stores, in supermarkets.

Homemade Donuts

Homemade Donuts Homemade donutsis a recipe. Ingredients: 250 ml of water or milk; 2 cups of flour; 10 grams of yeast; 1 egg 50 grams of butter; 1 tbsp. sugar; salt. Cooking Yeast is dissolved in warm milk with sugar and a couple of.

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