Plasticine Giraffe

Plasticine Giraffe Children are always attracted by animals that are not similar to others: a giant elephant that has a trunk, a rhino with a sharp horn on its nose, and, of course, a long-necked giraffe. Therefore, each child will be interested to learn.

New and stylish ideas rework old jeans

New and stylish ideas rework old jeans Anonymous Loved some rework, especially the hooded jacket Anonymous super. and how didn’t it occur to me like that ?! I have thrown out all the jeans ... now I will save :) I’ll say let me.

Embroidery for beginners

Embroidery for beginners Cross-stitch embroidery is one of the most famous and popular types of needlework. This passion soothes, this is a wonderful leisure. In addition, this is the real art, thanks to him, masterpieces are born. Compositions that are embroidered with their own.

Knit a Vest with a round yoke

Knit a Vest with a round yoke Knitting is very beautiful and elegantVest with a round yoke. Materials and tools: 300 grams of yarn 50% acrylic, 50% viscose dark blue; Needles number 4. Pattern Size:40 Patterns:gum 1/1, gum 2/2, the front surface. Knitting density:24.

How to seal a small hole in drywall

How to seal a small hole in drywall Drywall material is just wonderful, you can build walls or align them without unnecessary problems. Very easy to cut and process. But unfortunately, for all its merits, drywall does not have the proper strength. From this.

Electronic battery recovery

Electronic battery recovery According to statistics, more than half of the batteries fail due to sulphation of the plates. For what reasons this phenomenon occurs, I will not go into particular, but in a small part this is due to improper use of the.

Christmas snowflake on the wall

Christmas snowflake on the wall We all look forward to the New Year holidays. Make the decoration of the house. We make a decoration for the New Year tree and at home - a "New Year's snowflake". Such a snowflake can be hung on.

MS-1 Paper Model

Paper model of tank MS-1 The paper model of the MC-1 tank- (small escort) - Soviet light infantry tank of the 1920s. Created in 1925 1927onthebasisoftheFrenchFT-17tankanditsItalianversion,theFiat3000» and became the first Soviet-designed tank. Materials and tools: scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler tweezers; glue brushes and.

Heart shaped box

Heart Shaped Box Is Valentine's Day on the nose or an important date for your relationship? And you do not know what to give your loved one. You can make a romantic gift with your own hands. For example, to make a box in.

Passport Cover

Passport Cover This master class will help us to make not just an ordinary leather cover, which can be bought at any store, namely, a cover with a beautiful, glamorous lady who will be perfectly combined with you, or with the girl for whom.

Royal Pears

Royally Pears Autumn time besides the long-awaited coolness pleases us with a new, rich harvest of fruits, berries, vegetables and fruits. One of which is a pear. Its useful properties are difficult to overestimate, and the variety of dishes in which it is used.

Cake Dove

Cake Dove Cake Dove(6 servings) - A recipe. Ingredients: For strawberry jelly: 220 g of strawberries; 65 g of sugar 4 g leaf gelatin. For a soft biscuit: 125 grams of milk chocolate; 55 grams of butter; 55 g of sugar 100 egg whites;.

Aquarium lighting fix

Aquarium lighting fix The maintenance of an aquarium in an apartment is a matter that requires a detailed approach and a variety of knowledge. Including knowledge of lighting a can with fish (aquarists are called an aquarium a can). If the aquarium is functioning.

Needle - half an apple

Needle - half an apple Hello. Needle-bar is a very necessary thing for housewives. But everyone is used to seeing them square, round and not original. Today I want to share with you the idea of ​​how to quickly and easily make an original.

Hot sandwiches

Hot sandwiches Hot sandwiches- Cooking recipe. Ingredients: 1 egg 1 tbsp. mayonnaise; 1 tsp tomato paste; 1 sausage (or sausage); a slice of cheese; bread. Cooking Fast hot sandwiches, put the oven on full, preferably in the "grill" mode. While it warms up, we.

Painting on shellac

A picture on a gramophone For a long time I kept my favorite records, carried them with me even during my travels. But still there is nothing to listen to them, and the hand does not rise. So I decided to give some of.

Chair Restoration

Restoring the chair At my dacha, there was a chair for a long time, since my grandmother's time. I always liked it very much, and here I had a plan for its restoration. Moreover, recently "vintage" is becoming increasingly significant. Then I decided to.

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