Christmas tree

Christmas tree Origami paper "Elka" - a classic example of how from the same blanks (modules) you can create a single piece. To make the crafts look more impressive, we use cardboard or paper with foiled (shiny) coating and unobtrusive ornament for its basis.

Stone Box

Stone casket If after repair you have left a decorative textured plaster, primer with quartz filler, empty spools of adhesive tape, do not rush to throw them out, all this may be useful for making caskets. First you need to make the basis for.

Egg Bag

Egg Bag In many families, it is customary to give each other Easter eggs. As you know, any gift should be packaged properly. Therefore, we offer you a simple way to make a beautiful egg bag with your own hands. Making such an article.

Postcards with stencils

Cards with Stencils What materials will be needed for work? -Base for a postcard (I used a white cardboard rectangle measuring 16x13 cm) -Dense white paper on which the pattern will be cut (in the size of a double-folded basis for a postcard) -Print.

Delicious Meat Dish

Delicious Belyashi with meat Delicious Belyashi with meat- a recipe. Ingredients: milk 300 ml; vegetable oil 50 ml; high-speed yeast 6 gr; flour 480 gr; sugar 1 tbsp. l.; salt 1 tsp. minced salt to taste; minced pork and beef 600 gr; onion 2-3.

Ladybug Hair Clip

Clip for hair "Ladybug" The hair clip in the form of a charming ladybug will surely adorn the hairstyle of even the most fastidious young woman of fashion. For making “Ladybug” hairpins need to be prepared: - scissors. - satin ribbons of two shades.

Love Strawberry (Berry Bouquet)

Strawberry Love Strawberry (Berry Bouquet) Fruit bouquets are gaining popularity. Such a bouquet will not fade by standing for some time in a vase. A bouquet of fruit and eyes will please, and you can easily eat it. In addition, bouquets of fruit are.

How to sew a women's hat for a photo shoot

How to sew a women's hat for a photo shoot It is not a secret for anyone that so many people simply love to arrange thematic costume parties for various holidays, especially those who sin on New Year's Eve and on Halloween. The main.

Choosing furniture for a small bathroom

Choosing furniture for a small bathroom Traction to coziness and comfort is characteristic of absolutely all people, regardless of gender and level of wealth. This primarily relates to our dwelling. We wish to see him attractive and sweet. Most of all we want to.

Fur headphones from a regular hoop

Fur headphones from a regular hoop What to do if it is cold outside, but I don’t want to wear a hat? There is a way and it is simple - make warm fur headphones. You will need an old hoop, a piece of.

Flower Basket

Flower Basket I want to offer you a basket of crepe paper flowers. From this paper, the flowers turn out to be extraordinarily beautiful and look almost like real ones. This handicraft is great for creativity with children, as there will be work for.

Quilling a rose

Quilling a rose The rose in quilling technique is distinguished by its unique charm and naturalness; thanks to a special technique of making curls, it acquires a special similarity with natural flowers. To perform a master class for making quilling roses, you need to.

4x22W Amplifier

Amplifier 4x22 W Surely many would like to have an audio 5.1 home system, but at frequent prices for such amplifiers are quite large. I'll tell you how simple and not very expensive to assemble a 4-channel amplifier for such a system. Digging into.

DIY ribbon bows

Do-it-yourself ribbon bows To decorate the hairstyle of long hair, you can make bows of ribbons with your own hands. For the manufacture of beautiful bows will require satin ribbons, a needle and thread, hair bands and bright large beads. Tapes with a width.

Pompon Snowmen

Pompom snowmen Materials and tools: white yarn thick cardboard; scissors; chenille wire; glue gun; small twigs or wire; multicolored ribbons; buttons, beads and other jewelry. Step 1 Using yarn and cardboard, we make 2 pompons: a large diameter of 9 cm and a small.

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath Create a festive mood and decorate the apartment on the eve of Christmas will help such a traditional symbol as a wreath of Advent. It is usually made of fir branches and decorated with bows of satin ribbons and candles, but you.

Newspaper Cap

Newspaper Cap People used to read a lot of newspapers. Now much less. However, in each house there is a couple. What fate awaits them? Storage in the attic, delivery to waste paper ... No. With patience and imagination, you can make a hat.

Pet Dirthead

Pet Clipper This kogtetochke - almost a year and a half. When I did it, I took photos of the stages, just in case, because I didn’t hope that it would last for a long time: after all, it’s cardboard, and the claws of.

LED Flowers

LED Flowers LED flowers can be made of quite affordable materials. We will need: 1) Plastic (mostly green) two-liter bottles from lemonade 2) Copper varnished wire with a diameter of about 0.7 mm (you can replace the wires of twisted pair, but the effect.

Making the site more functional: how plastic containers help improve life

Making the site more functional: how plastic containers help improve life Many of the tasks associated with the organization of engineering networks on a country site, easily solved with the help of plastic containers. Modern industry manufactures polyethylene and polypropylene containers of improved grades.

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