Several schemes for knitting a snake pattern

Several schemes for knitting pattern "Snake" Known to all needlewomen patternsnake" or "zigzag»Belongs to the category of openwork one-sided ornaments. But at the same time, such a pattern can be found in the relief categories. Basically they knit women's scarves, jackets and sweaters. Continuing.

Balloon or Aircraft

Balloon or Aircraft What do we need? ... A dozen candles for cakes or small ones, packaging of thin polyethylene (for shelters are sold), three slats, a device for gluing polyethylene (or just an iron), adhesive tape, and hands. We unfold the film, make.

Warships in the form of prefabricated models

Military ships in the form of prefabricated models The traditional field of plastic design modeling is the maritime theme of the work. To be more precise - it represents in its direction the naval military vessels of the twentieth century, among which only the.

DIY Handicrafts

Do-it-yourself handicrafts Crafts with their own hands from the materials at hand can be made by any child, if they show a desire to do so. Therefore, the main task of parents should be to immerse the child in the creative process and provide.

Herbal Tooth Powder

Herbal Tooth Powder Everyone loves when their teeth and gums are healthy, without plaque, caries, yellowness, etc. Today, there are many products for the care of teeth and oral cavity, but can we be sure of their effectiveness and safety? It is best to.

Electronic shredder

Electronic shredder Imagine that you have some kind of device that can disable any electronics at a distance. Agree, like the script of some fantastic movie. But this is not a fantasy, but quite a reality. Such a device can be made by almost.

Jennifer Lopez talked about the wedding with Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez talked about the wedding with Alex Rodriguez “I certainly believe in marriage. And I, of course, in the future want to grow old next to my beloved. But at the moment I don’t want to force things. Everything has to happen at.

Making a snow globe

Making a snow globe New Year's master class dedicated to making asnow globefrom ordinary foam balls to make, for example, a Christmas-tree toy or another Christmas decoration. Materials and tools: foam balls of different diameter; PVA glue; coarse salt; tare; wooden skew; sparkles; hair.

Coloring Halloween: castles, pumpkins, witches

Halloween coloring pages: castles, pumpkins, witches Coloring for Halloween for children can be a means not only for an entertaining pastime, but also for making numerous crafts that will help create a suitable atmosphere for this witchly and slightly sinister holiday. in order to.

Folding lamella bow

Collapsible lamella bow Step-by-step instructions for makingcollapsible lamella bow- this bow is good because you can disassemble it, put it in a case, which is very convenient for transportation and easy to assemble for shooting. All materials necessary for manufacturing can be purchased at.

Red lipstick and safari: Angelina Jolie flew to Africa

Red lipstick and safari: Angelina Jolie flew to Africa Still, red lipstick is the best (and most affordable) remedy for depression, spleen and other adversity! Just look at Angelina Jolie, who flew to the capital of Kenya Nairobi with a humanitarian mission: she again.

Creative Cup Holder

Creative Cup Holder Very often, when we are at the computer, we often eat, putting the glass directly on the table leaving "circles" on it from the hot glass, corrected by putting various objects under the glass, but it was all very uncomfortable and.

Delicious and incredibly popular crab salad

Delicious and incredibly popular crab salad The first mentions of the salad have been found since ancient times, when the army went on campaigns, and the ladies wore beautiful rich outfits. Cooks worked to create a light, but at the same time nutritious and.

Lazy dumplings: the original serve - excellent results

"Lazy" dumplings: the original serve - excellent result For lovers of homemade ravioli, who do not want to spend time modeling, this recipe will be a real find. It takes much less time to cook lazy dumplings, and the result is a real crunch.

Gothic Coffee Table

Gothic Coffee Table Materials and tools: All components of the coffee table (tabletop, 4 legs, board) that are used in this project are easy to buy in the store (now many stores sell the necessary "semi-finished products" and use them for creativity). Dimensions can.

Pancake with Salmon

Pancake Salmon Pie Pancake Salmon Pieis a step-by-step recipe. Ingredients: For pancakes: 3 eggs; 300 g sour cream 42% fat + a little more; 200-230 g of flour; 0.5 liters of light wheat unfiltered beer; 1.5 tbsp. l. sugar; 1 tsp. salt; highly carbonated.

Delicate frosty wreath of plastic egg trays

Delicate frosty wreath of plastic egg trays Materials and tools: plastic egg packaging; scissors; glue gun; base (for example, thick cardboard). Step 1 The wreath consists of roses. To make one rose, you need 8 cells from under the eggs: 4 cells are outer.

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