Happy Birthday to Brother

Happy Birthday to Brother How can you wish your beloved brother a happy birthday? Of course, giving him a postcard! A happy birthday to a brother will be especially dear if a loving brother or sister makes it with his own hands. A very.

Banana-Pineapple Chicken

Banana-Pineapple Chicken Chicken with banana and pineappleis a recipe. Ingredients: 1 kg of chicken fillet (breasts, thighs) 1 pineapple (fresh or canned); 3-4 banana; 3 cups of grated mozzarella (or other non-sharp cheese); ground black pepper to taste; salt to taste; mayonnaise. Cooking Preheat.

Update the highchair

Updating the highchair Sometimes objects remind us of childhood. Perhaps there is a shabby old baby highchair with shabby paint in your house. If you throw it in the trash is a pity, but it does not fit into the interior, you can update.

Paper Crafts for March 8

Paper Crafts for March 8 Crafts made from paper by March 8 are especially relevant, as they turn into one of the most wonderful ways to congratulate mothers, grandmothers and beloved sisters on the holiday. An original craft created by the hands of a.

Awesome Cardboard Town

Awesome cardboard city For Kids, Crafts, Birthday, Other, From Kids, Paper, Vespers, Gifts, Scrapbooking, Origami, Workshop Paris at your feet! This is an amazingcardboard city, which is especially useful for those with parquet or laminate flooring. In order to fix the individual elements, cut.

How to make a huge LED

How to make a huge LED LED Have you ever held a huge LED, the size of a human fist? Of course not, because they do not exist. I will show how to make such an original thing with my own hands. This LED.

Organizer for Cosmetics

Cosmetics Organizer Each woman has her own collection of nail polishes, nail files, creams, etc. I also have a certain amount accumulated. I kept it in a cardboard box from under the products, which I took from one chain store (with permission). But I.

New Year's Cookie Lamb

New Year's Eve Cookies New Year's Cookie Lambis a recipe. Ingredients: cocoa powder 1 tsp.; butter 100 gr; Flour 200 gr + 3 tbsp. l.; baking powder 1 tsp.; powdered sugar 100g + for sprinkling; egg 1 pc. Cooking Butter the room temperature and.

What is a file system

What is a file system There are 2 answers Zhenya Abramovich Answered on September 16, 2015 10:55 PM WHAT IS FILE SYSTEM? Best Mikhail Salamatin Systyema is a very complex philosophical concept, which cannot be understood without liters (half a liter is not enough).

Savory Chicken Legs

Savory Chicken Legs Spicy chicken legs- a recipe. Ingredients: 8-12 chicken legs; 3 tbsp. l. olive oil 1 tsp. ground chili pepper; Salt to taste. for glaze: 35 grams of tomato paste; 1 tsp. dried garlic; 1.5 tbsp. l. balsamic vinegar; 1 tbsp. l.

Easter basket made from improvised materials

Easter basket made of scrap materials In anticipation of the bright spring holiday of Easter, we will prepare gifts and souvenirs. For example, let's try to make a stand for an Easter egg. Of course, traditional wicker baskets are made with willow twigs, bark.

Substances that bring hormones into a normal state

Substances that bring hormones into a normal state Health, beauty and confidence in the appearance of each woman are directly dependent on the state of her hormonal background. Any changes that occur within the body, instantly affect its appearance. Do not rush to immediately.

Bell with a bouquet

Bell with a bouquet My girlfriend works at school as a primary school teacher. This year she is gaining new guys and already anticipating September 1. Surely, her pupils will bring many bouquets of autumn flowers in addition with a sweet souvenir. And what.

We sew decorative pillows from satin ribbons

We sew decorative pillows from satin ribbons We sew super-strongpillowcases made of satin ribbons for decorative pillows. Materials and tools: white cotton fabric multicolored satin ribbons 1-1.5 cm; iron; scissors; sewing machine, needles and thread; tailor pins. Step 1 Cut a square of 40x40.

Beetles for wiretap

Beetles for wiretapping Workshops: 45 558 Stable Radio A radio receiver is a simple radio transmitter with a microphone that catches the slightest sounds around itself and transmits them through the radio wave. Thus, leaving such a device in a suitable place, you can.

Excellent furniture at the cottage - practical sofa with sections

Excellent furniture to the country - a practical sofa with sections This original transforming sofa was first created by a designer from Italy named Marco Gregory. The main purpose of the sofa is a comfortable rest in the garden. And it really fulfills its.

We do our own WD-40

Do-it-yourself WD-40 All motorists, and not only, are familiar with the drug with the official name WD 40. People call it “vdshkoy”, and are used as a universal remedy to displace moisture, soften rust and remove corrosion from metal parts. With it, you definitely.

Should we diet? Ask nutritionists and doctors

Should I diet? We ask nutritionists and doctors “No diet at all, in principle, does not work. I don’t know what kind of “scientists” they are talking about and what kind of “benefits” they found in low-calorie diets. On a low-calorie diet (less than.

A jacquard sweater with a patterned knitting

A jacquard sweater with a knitting pattern Knit it with a warm and stylishjacquard and embossed sweater. Materials and tools: yarn (100% cashmere; 50m / 25gr) - 400 (425) grams dark gray and 350 (375) grams light gray; needles number 6; circular knitting needles.

Interior Tilde Doll

Interior Tilde Doll Tilde dolls have many different variations of performance. However, the distinctive feature of these dolls is their elegance and coziness, despite some primitive performance. Cute Tilda will be not only a pleasant gift for a child, but will also be an.

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