Original shelf from what is on hand

Instead of scolding the baby every time for toys scattered throughout the apartment, make the child a shelf of cardboard and colored film. Due to the unusual design, it will help to keep various trifles, without creating a mess.

For the project will need:

  • Sharp scissors;
  • glue PVA, brush;
  • thick cardboard (from the packing box);
  • ruler, triangle, pencil;
  • stationery knife;
  • bright oilcloth or thick wrapping paper

An important point of this project is the thickness of the shelf. So that she could stand several toys, glue together 3-4 squares of the same size together with the help of PVA. After that, it will be almost as strong as made of plywood.

For side panels, leave the elements square. And for those that become shelves, you need to cut off the edge. Attach a round lid of suitable diameter to the workpiece and circle the outline with a pencil. Cut the corner with a stationery knife.

Wrap every detail with wrapping paper or bright oilcloth. Use hot glue for fixing. In order for the oilcloth to lie flat in the area of ​​the rounded corner, cut the edge into thin strips, and then fix it on the cardboard.

Having made the necessary quantity of elements, it is possible to fix a shelf on a wall. To begin, secure one square piece to the wall with a glue gun. Horizontal shelf fasten already to it. Then again the vertical part that needs to be fixed on the opposite wall.

Arrange toys only after the glue is completely dry.

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