Original pendant from old key

The world of accessories is very rich and diverse. Almost in any store you can buy a beautiful brooch, an elegant necklace, exquisite earrings or a stylish bracelet. But the need to spend money on purchased items disappears when there is an opportunity to make an equally fashionable and attractive decoration with your own hands. For example, the pendant. You can make it from absolutely any objects, in our case from the key, adding a little imagination, creativity and artistic ability.
The original pendant from the old key
So, you need to start with the preparation of working material. The keys themselves are directly keys of any color and shape, beads of various sizes and colors, rhinestones, beads, a toothpick for the convenience of attaching beads to the key and glue are possible.
The original pendant from the old key
Then, in a random order, using all your creative talents, you should glue the beads on the surface of the key.In this case, it is important to observe accuracy, style orientation and compatibility of shades. After completing this work, you must leave this creation to dry for several hours.

Original pendant from the old key

The result is interesting, unusual and unique pendants, which besides you will not see anyone else. You can hang them on a gold or silver chain, depending on what metal the pendant is made of. This accessory will be a great decoration for any outfit from evening dress to jeans and t-shirts. You will significantly save money, as old keys and beads are in almost any house. If instead of beads you use bolts, decorative wire, string or other elements, you will get a good suspension for a man. Presenting a pendant made by one's own hands, to a beloved person, with the words: "This is your key to my heart," you can count on reciprocal tenderness, caress, caring and love.
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