Original hairstyles with invisible hairpins

To make an original and beautiful hairstyle, it is not necessary to use complex devices and spend a lot of time. For example, haircuts with hairpins are made quite quickly, but not inferior in complexity to their beauty.

What hairpins can I use?


What hairpins are suitable for creating hairstyles? Almost any! It can be colored and bright hairpins with ornaments from rhinestones, ribbons and other decorative materials or hairpins that create the effect of airy hair. Also often used studs, in some cases they are simply irreplaceable. In general, use whatever you have at hand.

Original hairstyles with hairpins


We offer you several variants of original hairstyles using a wide variety of hairpins.

Option One

Today, a wide variety of beams are popular, which can be both laconic and strict, as well as voluminous and negligent.To get an interesting volumetric bunch, use a “Heagami” hairpin.


  1. First, comb your hair well and fix the tip in the hole of the barrette, placing it horizontally.
  2. Now wind your hair on “Heagami” until you reach its base.
  3. Then simply roll the barrette in any convenient way. You can make a "snail" by wrapping the hairpin in a spiral, or a regular bundle, simply by connecting the ends of the hairpin and forming a flat circle.
  4. Spread the hair along the length of the barrette and fix it with lacquer if necessary (this is not necessary, so the hairstyle will hold).

Option Two

Bright detail

Use the same hairpin "Heagami", as well as any hairpins, preferably decorated with stones (one of them should be long).

The way to create hair:

  1. Comb clean hair and secure their ends in the hole in the barrette, but position it vertically.
  2. Wind the hair on "Heagami", reaching the base.
  3. Behind the ends of the barrettes bend and hide them behind the hair.
  4. Now, at the free base of the bundle, attach a long hairpin, at the same time stabbing all the dropped hairs.
  5. On the other hand, close to the temple place a few small pins.
  6. You got a simple but festive and beautiful hairstyle.

Option Three

The tail design

How to make hair on short hair with invisible? This will require hairpins, comb and hair spray. Here is the instruction:

  1. Comb your hair well.
  2. Now at the temple, separate the small strand and lift it to the base, pinned with a hairpin. As a result, you should get a small loop. Fix this design with lacquer.
  3. Separate another strand, lift it and stab it.
  4. In the same way, lift the remaining strands on one side, going to the back of the head. Do not forget to fix the hair with hairpins.
  5. Move to the other side of the head. It can be issued in the same way as the first, but in order to create an original image, you can act differently. Take all the hair behind the ear, fasten it with hairpins in several places. The last barrette should be placed closer to the back of the head. The remaining tail wrap, raise and secure with an invisible or hairpin.
  6. Spray all hair with varnish again.

Fourth option


To create this hairstyle you will need two hairpins "Heagami", two long bright hairpins and a comb. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. First, comb your hair well and divide it into two equal parts.
  2. Move one part to the face and secure so that it does not interfere.
  3. The end of the other part is fixed in the hole "Heagami", placing the hairpin vertically.
  4. Now wind your hair on “Heagami”, twisting the hairpin to the center (although you can rotate it in another direction, it will also look unusual).
  5. Go to the other part of the hair. Fasten their end in the hole of the barrette and wind it, rotating “Heagami” towards the center (if you also twisted the first hairpin towards the parting) or from it (if the first “Heagami” was twisted from the parting to the side).
  6. On each side, fix one long hair clip.

Option Five

Romantic look flowers from the hair. You can build an original rose using studs and a simple thin elastic band (preferably transparent silicone).

  • Tie your hair and tie it with a thin transparent elastic band.
  • To make the rose more voluminous, add hair.
  • Now prepare the studs and proceed to the formation of petals. Separate a small section of hair and wrap the tail with it, not pressing the hair to the base, but leaving free space.If your hair is of medium length, then fasten the tip of the strand with a hairpin. If the hair is long, then from one strand you can create two or even three petals. To do this, secure the strand in the middle and at the end (or in three places). Remember that in order to create a volumetric flower, its first petals should be made larger.
  • Move to the next petal. Separate the other strand and also lead it in a circle, pinning it with a pin. In the same way, create the remaining petals. The latter should be the smallest. Each element fix varnish. And fasten the tip of the latest strand in the middle of the flower, using a hairpin with a bead or a stone. The flower is ready!

By the way, for securing strands you can use simple invisible hairpin, and with beads or pebbles, they will decorate the rose. And you can also create a whole bouquet on your head, making more than one tail with a flower, but several. It will look even more original.

Helpful Tips


Some useful tips that will facilitate the creation of hairstyles.

  • If the hair is not docile and crumbles, you can slightly moisturize them or slightly moisten your hands.
  • To make it more convenient for you to take hairpins and invisible beings, before creating your hair, prepare yourself and stick all the hairpins into a foam pad with large pores.
  • Do not wash your head before creating a hair, do it the day before the procedure.

Hit and surprise all with original hairstyles!

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