Oriental Rose - SHEIKA MOSA: the most stylish and influential woman in the Arab world

The wife of the former emir of Qatar, the mother of the emir of the current Moza bint Nasser Al Misned (Sheikh Moza) is capable of shaking all the existing ideas about the women of the East. The first lady of Qatar walks in elegant dresses (by the way, she is a fan of Russian designer Uliana Sergienko), does not wear a veil, participates in social events and political meetings.

early years

How did this become possible in a country where women are dressed in black from head to toe, cannot participate in political and social life on an equal basis with men and only recently got the right to drive a car?

Perhaps Mose was lucky with his parents and husband. She was born in the family of a large Qatari businessman. My father did not mind that his daughter received the education of a sociologist at the National University of Qatar. Her husband, the crown prince, whom she married at 18, allowed her to graduate.Moreover, Moza completed an internship at leading universities in the United States.

Of course, her life was a little like a fairy tale: Moza faced all the realities of life in the Arab East. Emirs of the Al Thani clan, from which her husband came, seized power in Qatar as far back as the 18th century. Since then, no one but members of this family has the right to rule the country. In Qatar, there is still an absolute monarchy: the emir appoints the prime minister, members of the Council of Ministers and the Advisory Council. The power of the monarch is limited only by Sharia law.


Sheikh Moza is the mother of seven children. She had five sons and two daughters. In 1995, when Mose was 36, her husband Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani (as they say, not without the support of other family members) staged a bloodless coup in the state. He overthrew the throne of his own father, who was on a business trip in Switzerland, and declared himself emir.

Upon learning of the coup, Khalifa bin Hamad publicly abdicated his son, and after six months he even undertook to return the power and title - however, unsuccessful. In response, his son and the newly appeared emir, with the help of American lawyers, froze all of his father’s foreign accounts, so that new attacks on the throne became impossible. As a result, Khalif bin Hamad was able to return to his homeland only eight years later, when he finally made up with his son.

Sheikh Moza is not the only wife of her husband: the former emir has three official spouses, and she is the “middle” of them. However, the heirs of the title were precisely the children of Moza. Her eldest son, Jasim, was proclaimed to the throne, but in 2003 he announced that from his rights the Crown Prince in favor of her brother Sheikh Tamim.

“We tried to raise our children as ordinary people. When I returned home, we talked with them about everything: what I did, what I saw, what they thought and how they would act. Listening to the opinions of young people is very useful. After all, everything we do is for them, ”says the sheikh.

Sheikha Moza’s social activities

Moza herself, when the children grew up, actively engaged in social life. She said she wants to make Qatar a secular state that respects human rights. By the way, it really is considered one of the most liberal countries in the region.

With the arrival of her husband, the status of women in Qatar has improved markedly. They got the right to vote, the ability to drive a car and choose clothes to taste. True, not all conservative families agree to allow this. But Moza made a bold act: she set an example, in 2002, appearing in public without a veil.

Sheikh Moza has a number of state and international posts, which is rare in the Gulf states even for the wives of rulers. She is head of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Social Development, President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and Vice President of the Supreme Council for Education.

In 2003, UNESCO appointed her special ambassador for basic and higher education. Moza is trying to popularize international projects to improve the quality and accessibility of education, and gives special attention to the rights of women and children.

In 2003, with the assistance of the sheikhs in Qatar, the “City of Education” was opened - a university campus, which includes international-class universities, as well as branches of well-known US universities, where the best teachers give lectures. In the “City of Education”, students from around the world study: half of the students are foreigners, which indicates a good level of teaching and prestige.

She also established the Arab Democratic Foundation, to which her husband made a down payment of $ 10 million. The mission of the foundation is to promote the development of free media and civil society.

In 2007, Forbes magazine included Moza in the list of the 100 most influential women in the world, and the Times called her one of the 25 most influential business leaders in the Middle East.

They say that Sheikhs have a difficult character, which is not surprising: to win their place under the sun in a society whose laws are harsh and which have been ruled only by men for centuries, is not easy. But the people love Moza. She is especially grateful to the women of Qatar.

“Her Highness is the best thing that happened to Qatar. She inspires us all. With her coming to power, Qatar has changed by 100 percent, ”they say.

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