Openwork mitts with needles

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (70% merino wool, 30% viscose, 50g / 145m);
  2. set of stocking spokes 2.5.

Pattern Description

The front surface: in circular rows, knit only persons. p.

Eraser 1x3: alternately 1 internal. n. and 3 persons. p.

Openwork pattern

We knit according to the scheme. Numbers from the right edge indicate circular rows of the pattern. In the intermediate circular rows we knit the loops according to the pattern, the capes are knitted with faces. In the circular rows, we repeat 8 loops of rapport between arrows 1 and 2. In height, we perform 1 time from the 1st to the 38th circular row, then we repeat from the 27th to the 38th circular row.

Knitting description

Mitts Rights

We put 48 loops on the stocking knitting needles, distribute them evenly into 4 knitting needles, lock them into a ring and knit with an elastic band of 1x3 9 rows.  

Next, we continue the openwork pattern, linking from 1 to 26 a circular series according to the scheme. At the same time, in the first circular row, we make loops from the arrow 1 to the arrow 4 2 times (the 1st and 2nd spoke form the inner side of the arm, and the outer side of the 3rd and 4th spoke). &Nbsp;

Starting from the 27th circular row on the inner side loops knit alternately 1 rel. n. and 5 persons. P.stitch, on the loops of the outer side - according to the scheme, repeating rows from 27 to 37 rows.

In the 28th circular row, we subtract all purl loops by tying 1 faces. n. and 1 out. n. together (see photo). Total on the 1st and 2nd spokes 21 hinges and on the 3rd and 4th spokes 21 hinges.

Next, we knit straight 10 circular rows. In the 11th circular row after subtracting the purl loops, mark the 2nd loop of the 1st needle for the wedge of the thumb and then add 1 loop before and after the marked loop, perform 1 on the nakida. Nakids in the next round row are tying faces. cross In the next circle row, before the 1st and after the 2nd with added loops, we add 1 loop again, performing nakida, and knit them in the next round row of faces. cross Thus, we add another 5 x 2 loops = 15 wedge loops in each 2nd circular row. Then we transfer these 15 loops to the auxiliary spoke and re-type 5 loops for the bridge (see photo).

Next, we knit a circular row on 46 loops, while on the outer side of the arm we continue to carry out the openwork pattern and in the next circular row we reduce 2 bridge loops, for which we tie the first loop in front of the bridge and 3 persons. p., and the next 2 loops - together individuals.In the next 2 nd roundabout, we continue the subtraction, knitting together the knitted loop from the subtraction together with the next loop of the bridge, 1 persons. p., and the next 2 loops - together individuals. = 42 loops. Next, knit straight again. Having knitted a 3.5 zigzag openwork pattern we end.

Next, we knit on all the loops with a 3x1 rubber band. At the same time we decrease evenly in the first circular row of the gum 2 loops. Closing through the 9 rows of the loop.


For the thumb, we put into operation the delayed 15 loops and re-dial 8 loops on the bridge, a total of 23 loops. Distribute them to 3 spokes and knit faces. circular rows with a smooth surface, while in the following circular rows we close the loop of the bridge. To do this, the first 2 loops we bind the persons together, 4 persons. and knit the last 2 loops together. In the next 2 nd circular row, the first 2 loops of the bridge are knitted together by persons., 2 persons. and knit the last 2 loops together. In the following roundabout, the remaining 2 loops of the bridge are knitted together with a purl loop and continue to knit the finger with a 1x3 elastic band. In total, we sew 8 circular rows with an elastic band. Then close the loop. &Nbsp;

Left mitts

We knit symmetrically, with the loop for the thumb added the 1st time before and after the 2nd loop of the 1st spoke.

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