Office Cinderella, or what to do when you are not considered?

The letter contains two questions, we will answer each in order.

How to build boundaries and not engage in someone else's work?

People who love to shift their work to others are of two types:

  • Undervalued or, conversely, narcissists. People of this type believe that only they work, while others only pretend. Such an opinion arises because of certain psychological problems - undervalued, low self-esteem or, on the contrary, excessive concentration on one’s beloved, lack of empathy, inability to put oneself in the place of another.
  • "Vampires" who thinly feel your vulnerability know what to say as flattery or threats so that you agree to fulfill their desires.

How to behave so as not to be the object of attention of those and others?

Office Cinderella, or what to do when you are not considered?

  1. "A soldier without a shovel is a slacker." Never go empty-handed around the office. Even if you carry nothing, take any sheet, photocopy, book.Some of my acquaintances secretaries wore to wash dirty dishes on a tray, even if there were only two tea pairs on it. A tray with dishes is automatically perceived by others as something weighty, more serious than just two or three cups in their hands.
  2. Save power with ... your phone. If you are talking on the phone, do not be distracted by visitors, of course, if this is not your boss. Nod in greeting and keep talking. If you are once again visited by a colleague who loves to shift the work on other people's shoulders, and without noticing your strict gaze, continues to attack, take a piece of paper and quickly and quickly start to write something. Re-ask something from your telephone interviewee, take a folder from the shelf, open it and pretend that you are looking for a specific document.
  3. Authority to help. If the boss gave you an urgent task, and an obsessive colleague still can’t calm down, be sure to tell him about the task. It is unlikely that the employee will fight with the boss for your valuable soul.
  4. A number of people are asking for help in a veiled way. For example, they say that it is necessary to pick up a child early from the garden, to go to help her grandmother, or that their head suddenly became sore.And complain about the large amount of work that they do not have time to do if they request it. Something constantly happens to them. If you have to deal with such people, help not with work, but with advice: offer to take painkillers, share the contacts of a good doctor, sympathize in the end. And the refusal to work for a colleague should sound politely and clearly: “Sorry, I can’t, I’ve done it myself.”
  5. "Jaded plate". The method allows the interlocutor to understand that you hear him, that you care about his situation, but your position remains unchanged.

- Ira, help me, please.

- Sorry, I can not, I have a lot of work.

- Well, please, I do not have time.

“I understand what you're worrying about, but I really can't help you now.”

  1. If you are a beginner and you have been charged a lot of cases, you should analyze, and which cases relate to your official duties? First of all, you should perform them, because if you do not cope with the basic functionality, you will not pass a trial period. And no one will remember that you were actively helping others at that time.
  2. If you are offered the job of someone else’s job by your boss, you should look at the situation.A number of experts believe that the tasks of a boss concerning a different sphere of work are nothing but the opportunity to expand their borders, learn new things faster and, consequently, the opportunity to move up the career ladder. But do not treat this as an axiom, because it is important to always evaluate the circumstances. How often does the boss ask you to work for “that uncle”? If this happens all the time, it will not be superfluous to clarify how work that is not related to your responsibilities will be taken into account and encouraged.

If rewards are not planned, argue your refusal by saying that you’re losing performance by doing so many tasks. And if you are now engaged in the required work, you will not have time to perform the current one (or its quality will suffer). Ask the supervisor to understand the scope of work, referring to the employment contract and job descriptions.

Opinion. Sergei, sysadmin: "Everyone must do their part of the work, otherwise they will sit on the neck of the type:" I do not know how, you will succeed faster. " And this works only in the case of mutual personal sympathy, and what sympathy can there be for a person who constantly begs and does not give anything in return? ”

How to preserve the authorship of their ideas?

Office Cinderella, or what to do when you are not considered?

It is extremely unfair and offensive when your ideas are appropriated by someone else. How to avoid problems?

  • Check

Before you accuse, angry at a colleague, you should make sure that he really appropriated your idea. It often happens that ideas float in the air, and what you thought of today could dream your partner at night. Ask what inspired him to make this decision, and you will understand.

  • Seize the initiative

As soon as you shared your idea with a “decent” employee, and now he painted on the RAM on how to lead the company to a bright future. Instead of boiling like a teapot, immediately start asking tricky questions and getting to know the details of this exciting plan. Surely you did not tell everything, right? And when a colleague begins to be embarrassed and hesitate, thank him for the spectacular presentation of your idea and continue the story as an author.

  • Learn from mistakes

If suddenly the “Interception Plan” failed and you didn’t have evidence of the authorship of your idea (documents, correspondence in e-mail), you should not be offended by the employee and raise the issue of his dishonesty.The authorities are hardly likely to be pleased with the impending war. Just the next time be collected and act promptly. Yes, I would like to discuss a new idea with a colleague, but it is only worth finding out initially what kind of person he is? Maybe he used to envy or win, walking on his head. Competition is the thing, the strongest survive.

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