Now, from the dacha, I necessarily bring the fruits of mountain ash. Incredibly beautiful result

Beautiful autumn has already entered into their possession. For a long time already changeable weather is noticeable, rain began to drizzle. A lot of yellow, red, burgundy, orange and even violet palettes appeared. If you want to create a cozy mood at home, then why not let autumn colors into the door of your apartment? After all, you can easily make autumn compositions of foliage, mountain ash and other fruits. Rowan is the ideal material for autumn creativity, which is able to warm your soul with bright colors even in severe frosts. Therefore, today we want to present you a selection of 21 bright compositions using the gifts of autumn.

Compositions from autumn materials

Multi-layered wreath with dry lavender, greens, apples and decorative pumpkins

A bouquet without flowers - from cones and not only.Yes, imagine, and it happens, is not it, it's just magic.

Simple compositions of rowan fruit - an ornament not only of the garden, but also of the house.

A candlestick made of natural materials will add a special romantic mood and coziness.

An extraordinary approach in decorating and his house and creating an autumn composition. We take note.

Amazing riot of colors!

Another couple of original ideas for a wreath at the door!

It is not necessary to be a florist to create composite masterpieces. The main thing - to show imagination!

Pumpkin is an ideal fruit for creating autumn bouquets.

If you are not in the mood for tinkering, and the desire for a drop of autumn to appear at home exists, take a walk along the street and just collect the gifts of nature for yourself. Tear off a couple of autumn leaves, a branch of wild rose, mountain ash, look for sea buckthorn, pick flowers, put all this in a huge bouquet, put it in a vase and enjoy the autumn still life.

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