New Year's decor

Pre-New Year fairs are perhaps the most visited departments of shopping centers. Starting in November, when these pavilions only open, and until December 31, people come here, wander through labyrinths woven from garlands and fluffy coniferous branches, buy souvenirs, although there are probably a lot of them in their home arsenal. New Year has to spend, pleasant acquisitions, renovation of the interior. However, homemade jewelry may well compete with the purchase. They are unique, filled with warmth, which was transferred to things from the skilled hands of the skilled worker and her soul. In the traditions of the Old World Previously, in Europe, especially in northern states, women always cooked surprises to their neighbors and kids under the Christmas tree, using what was in the basket for needlework. It was necessary to sew elegant bags — then they put cookies, nuts, pies, and lollipops wrapped in colored paper. To make this improvised package original, it was made curly: in the form of a traditional New Year's sock or mitten. It is very easy to make such items: you will need tattered fabric, pieces of white fleece or fur,a pair of flat buttons (can be of different sizes), some kind of ribbon. Half an hour - and the thing is ready.
 New Year's Eve do it yourself
 New Year's Eve do it yourself

The decoration kit will be complete if you create other accessories in a single concept - stars, funny birds, animals, etc.
 New Year's Deco do it yourself
 New Year's Eve do it yourself
Slavic StylizationOur ancestors made uncomplicated toys from cheap materials for the winter holidays - matting, linen, chintz remnants, bought on sundresses and shirts. Now such products are considered trendy: ethnic styles are extremely popular. At modern exhibitions, hand made more and more often creative crafts from coarse burlap are found, and they look like an exclusive decor. Their charm in the deliberate simplicity: the stitches are not machine, but manual,lace imitating homespun was taken for decoration, the edges were not specially processed.
 New Year's Eve do it yourself
New Year's Eve do it yourself
The primitivism of folk crafts is a special charm. Joint activities It's no coincidence that the New Year and Christmas celebrations are called family celebrations. Holidays are greeted with the closest people, preparatory events are held with their families, children also want to participate in everything. So, you need to attract children to an exciting creative process. The pattern, which consists of two circles, cotton wool, cut foam rubber for stuffing, buttons, beads - and here on the tree smiling cheerful snowman, woolen balls or balls turned into Santa Claus.
New Year's decor with their own hands
 New Year's decor by own hands
Even the little girl preschool age afford to cut neat heart based on simple patterns.Mom will help to connect the two halves with a silk thread, and her daughter will be able to gently stick on both sides lace, glass beads, satin bows, rhinestones.
 New Year's Eve do it yourself
With what pride a young needlewoman will plant this miracle on a pine paw, or maybe she will give it to her grandmother, her friend. Orientations of the East Since we are all to some extent passionate about Eastern symbolism, then the embodiment of decorating ideas must be the thread of the goat and lamb. Knitted, sewn, embroidered on napkins symbols of 2015 will be cozy at our holiday.
 New Year's Eve do it yourself

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