New Year's candlestick made of cardboard and cones

Quite a bit left until the New Year holidays and I want to be 100% ready.) Tune in to the right wave and create a festive mood with the help of New Year fakes! Today I propose to make a candlestick out of cardboard and cones. To create a New Year's candlestick, we need a carved circle of cardboard, the bottom of a tin can and various elements for decoration: cones, nuts, toys ... In fact, you can use not only cardboard, but any other dense and flat object: a plate, a lid from trays, pieces of plywood, etc. The capacity where we will put a candle can be “figured out” from a small can, a plastic bottle, baking tins, etc. - the main thing is to disguise it well. In this same tank, we fill up any grains, salt or sand. Thanks to this trick, it will be easy for us to change the candles and remove the wax residue.

Date: 08.10.2018, 10:59 / Views: 74464

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