New and stylish ideas rework old jeans

  • Anonymous

    Loved some rework, especially the hooded jacket

  • Anonymous

    super. and how didn’t it occur to me like that ?! I have thrown out all the jeans ... now I will save :)

  • I’ll say let me learn to use things for their intended purpose!

  • Veronica

    And again in the title of illiterate "jeans", and not "jeans."
    The most organic in the article - children's crafts! Everything else is hardly made of old jeans. Just from unnecessary. When I was learning to sew, I bought jeans in second-hand. Awl from them. And inexpensive, and not sorry, if I spoil it, and it was stylish for young people. The jackets in the photo - God, why cut the jeans into pieces and produce a bum-style, if you can immediately sew from large cloths? And so that my jeans become useless, I do not know how many years must pass. And jeans do not become obsolete. So you can just buy denim fabric and upholstery furniture. By the way, to give - a very good style. True, it gets dirty quickly, you have to constantly wash it.

Date: 21.10.2018, 22:04 / Views: 45441

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