Montessori own hands

Montessori of course there is a sense to do it yourself! Such benefits may not turn out to be as perfect as the purchased ones, but they will be made with your own hands, which will betray their uniqueness.

Plus, they will be much cheaper than the purchased ones. Today we make frames-liners!

 Montessori do-it-yourself

Montessori do-it-yourself

Geometry for children is becoming more understandable , if they have the opportunity to play with the material, feel it with the tips of their fingers. Visiting the site of creative teachers of mathematics, you will learn many different ways to acquaint the child with the basics of this science. And we propose to try to include in the preschooler's education at home classes with frames, inserts, the author of which is Maria Montessori.

In the original, the frames are thin colored wooden planks with holes of a certain shape in the middle. Inserts are inserted into these holes of a different color.For convenience, the inserts have small "pens", for which the kids keep them.

You can purchase factory frames in the store.

factory inset frames

Factory frame inserts

And you can make them yourself from thick cardboard.

 Cut the shapes from the cardboard

Cut out forms from cardboard

To do this in cut squares with sides of about 10 cm. In the center of each square, cut a hole of a certain geometric shape:

  • oval
  • circle
  • rhombus
  • triangle, etc.

Using the square as a stencil, prepare cardboard inserts of the desired shapes. Glue a large bead or button to one side of each insert to make it convenient for the child to take them. The manual is ready, you can do. First, ask the little student to match the liners to the desired frames.

 Glue the bead

Glue the bead

You can create a game: for example, each square is a house, and the insert is a window shutter. It is necessary to close all the windows at night so that thieves do not climb into the house.In the course of the lesson, say the names of geometric shapes.

 We draw the studied forms

We draw the studied forms

You can also use the resulting frame as a stencil for drawing.

 Stencil for drawing

Stencil for drawing

The resulting geometric shapes offer to make everyone you know Redmets. This is how not only fantasy develops, but also the ability to think in the abstract.

As your child develops, complicate his studies with frames. For example, you can set specific tasks for a kid: to build a “house” of three floors, each of which has three “windows” of a certain shape (indicate which one). Adding frames with similar in shape, but different in size figures, you complicate the process of matching them with liners. Also with the help of frames you can improve the score, offering to make a chain in a certain sequence: 1- round hole, 2- diamond, etc.

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