monica hair clip

Every day, girls carefully choose their outfits, supplementing them with different accessories. One of them are hairpins, because one small detail can ruin the whole look. Each decoration should be unique and special. This is exactly the Monica clip.
 Monika's hair clip
To make it you need: - glue gun. - satin ribbons of crimson and white colors. - silver and pink spangles. - crimson and silver beads. - sewing thread with a needle. - scissors. - hair clip length 7 cm. - a lighter. Creating a hair clip. For this decoration you need tapes 5 cm wide. They should be prepared There are identical parts in the form of squares with lengths of sides of 5 cm. Of these, separate triangles must be added.
 Monica's hair clip
Then fold the details doubledreducing the size of triangles.
 hair clip Monica
For further action you will need details of white and raspberry shades.
Monika hair clip
Blanks of white and crimson ribbon need to be folded together. To do this you need to impose them one on another, combining the edges. Crimson triangle should be placed at the top, closing a white blank.
 Monika's hair clip
Holding together both parts the triangles should be folded in half, closing in the inside parts of the crimson tape.
 hair clip Monica
The thin corners of the created part should be carefully cut and the resulting edge opal It is used to solder all layers.
 Monika's hair clip
It remains to level the depth of the parts, cutting off the excess and treating the edges of the two-color blank with fire.
 clamp forMonica hair
It remains to expand the created petal.
Monika hair clip

11 such petals will be required for the main flower of this clamp, they must be created completely repeating the sequence of the production of the two-colored lobe. Monika's hair clip

Now you need a middle for a flower. It is created from round-shaped petals. From white squares, again you need to fold the triangles.
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