Modding the systemic "InfiniteVoid"

Then they should be connected to the hinged installation in parallel, and you should put your own 820 ohm ballast resistor on each LED as shown in figure.

Next, you need to make threaded bushings with screws. A screw with an M6 thread, or any other, which is not important .., and a sleeve is 10-12 millimeters long.

, the depth of the tunnel directly depends on the distance between the mirrors. Everything is limited only by the free space in the case. The assembly is made in accordance with the figure and is not difficult. I would also recommend covering the sides of the cooler so that it would not be reflected in the mirror and spoil the picture. The cooler can be covered with a decorative overlay and protective mesh, as shown in Figure 14. The finished product should look like the last  drawing.Ihopethatyouwilllikeit.

Thethreadedsleevewasmachinedonalathe,whichisnotnecessary.Justpick boltswithabeautifulhat.&Nbsp;Assemblydrawing.Underthecapsitisrecommendedtoputcardboardshayboksunderitinordertoreducetheriskofglassbreaking.Thefangrilleistypical,fromthepowersupply.Imadetheframemyselffromstainlesssteel.

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