Miss Universe scared fans with eyebrows

It seems that the beautiful girl drew them with a felt-tip pen.

Recognized beauty Olivia Calpo made a great beauty dip. The sultry beauty decided to emphasize her already expressive face and began ... from her eyebrows. What means she used, Olivia did not tell, but other girls definitely should not take note of them. Eyebrows at Kalpo turned out intensely black, very thick, and with an unnatural bend.

Olivia calpo
Photo: @oliviaculpo

Some of the subscribers, at the first glance at the photo, even thought that Kalpo was tinting eyebrows in the salon and simply forgot to wash off the applied paint. And some with horror suggested that it was a tattoo - and what if the model will now look like this in the coming months?

It is unlikely, of course, Olivia decided on a tattoo, the more it is already the last century. But she really should change the makeup artist. Previously, the makeup of the girl looked much better - compare.

Olivia calpo
Photo: @oliviaculpo

By the way, no matter how much the beauty guru asserts that it is the eyebrows that “make” the whole face, there are quite a few celebrities who forget about this rule.Some, it seems, have never taken tweezers in their hands, and as a result, their hairs reach the most mobile century. Others, on the contrary, stubbornly pull out the thin “strings” on the face, as our mothers did in their youth. Still others save on a master brow, so their eyebrows are asymmetrical, and the fourth can not find the shape that suits their face.

Wday.ru gathered in the gallery of stars whose eyebrows do not correspond to world trends at all.

Date: 10.10.2018, 17:12 / Views: 35263

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