Misha Marvin first commented on his relationship.

Wday.ru contacted the artist to put all the points.

Recently, most star couples unpleasantly surprised, declaring their divorce. Fortunately, there are those who only add faith in love: the other day, one of the most inveterate bachelors of the Black Star label decided to show his girlfriend. True, only from the back, but in the singer’s companion his fans still recognized another star - the actress of the TV series “Univer” Julia Franz.

“Something tells me that this is Yulia,” “I have long suspected! Good luck to you, ”“ That's for sure! I learned the manicure, ”“ It's nice to see how happy he is with her, whoever she is, ”“ Look good together, both good and smart people. ”

Sep 5, 2018 at 7:36 am PDT

True, the controversy still flared up. Some are sure that the girl Misha is his producer! We decided not to be shy and ask the singer directly with whom the love story was turned around and how serious it is:

“I’m not ready to reveal the girl’s name yet. But yes, I hope that the same one has appeared in my life. ”

True, the fact that he is no longer alone, Misha hinted back in the summer, giving an interview to Wday.ru.

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