Miracles from one unit: Bruce Seeds textile kaleidoscopes

Author: Alevtina Levkina

In my view, patchwork is akin to magic: after all, this is what patience and imagination you need to have in order to create all these incredible things! But the American master Bruce Seeds by his own example proves that it’s not just the magic power of creativity, but also an exact mathematical calculation. Before devoting himself to art, Bruce worked as an architect and web designer in Texas for many years. However, as a result of the 2008 crisis, the man had to return to his home state of Wisconsin, where he came across Maxine Rosenthal's book “Miracles from one block” (Maxine Rosenthal, “One Block Wonders”) - and since then the fascination with sewing turned into a lifelong business . “Patchwork combines my love for color, shape and artistic search with a natural passion for accuracy and detail,” admits the master.

It is noteworthy that all the canvases are created from a single piece of cotton fabric, which is cut into equilateral triangles and then sewn into fancy and colorful kaleidoscopes.But the size of the finished work is about 2x2 meters! "Each patchwork panel is the result of a creative process, not a primary idea. “When I buy fabric, I have no idea what I will end up with,” says Bruce. - Work on the product involves several stages, each of which brings new discoveries. And only at the very end is the true essence and appearance of the thing revealed. ”

I suggest you to admire a selection of pictorial creations from fabric.

Date: 16.10.2018, 06:08 / Views: 73452

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