Master Class: Decorative Balloon

Sometimes you want to fly so much ... And if you really can not do it, then you can always let go of your thoughts on a long journey. We suggest you go to a country full of inspiration and creativity and create an interesting decorative thing - a miniature balloon.

Tools and materials:

  • - cloth,
  • - scissors, needle with thread,
  • - filler (sintepon or holofayber),
  • - glue gun, li>
  • - decorative ornaments,
  • - a miniature basket.
Master Class: Decorative Balloon

Sequence of actions:

1. From the fabric we cut out 6 identical in size elements: maximum length 20cm, width 6cm. They resemble the petals of a plant. On the seam we leave the allowances in 1cm. Master Class: Decorative Balloon 2. On the sewing machine or manually sew in turn all the components.The lower edge remains free. The lower edge remains free. style="max-width: 100%;" alt="Master class: decorative balloon"> 3. Turning the shell of the ball and fill with padding polyester. It is important that there are no failures, but it is not worthwhile to fill it too. Master class: decorative balloon 4. Cut a circle from the fabric around the diameter of the hole in the base of the ball. Sew it on the contour.Master class: decorative balloon 5. To ennoble the bottom edge, glue it with tape or braid.
Master class: decorative balloon
6. The thin wire is inserted into the rope and glued to the ball along a vertical seam. Total of such details should be 3-4.
Master class: decorative balloon
7. On hot glue we attach our racks to the inside of the basket. Decorate the ball with various ribbons, beads, flowers. As a basket, you can use a cardboard blank, pasted over with a cloth or finished from a flower shop.
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