Margarita Candlestick

It is made on the basis of a champagne glass. Used roses from foamiran, collected by hand. Both small and wide candles are suitable for the candlestick.
 making candlestick Margarita
For assembling the composition we take materials: - transparent champagne glass on a short leg. - scissors. - glue gun. - sheets of foamiran of lemon and green color. - toothpick. - oil art paint of red, brown and green tone. - medical plaster. - 0.5 meters orange satin ribbon. - wet wipes. - cardboard. - half beads for decoration. - lighter. - wire. - foil. - corrugated paper of green shade. - piece of thin foam rubber. Before we start, we draw the form of templates. For flowers, it looks like 3 petals, joined at the base together, only different in diameter. 6, 7 and 8 cm. Leaves need squares 4 x 4 and 5 x 5 cm. Rosettes will need 5 pieces.
 manufacturingMargarita's candlestick
Now we take plastic lemon-colored suede and patterns. We cut around the toothpick with 10 pieces of small and medium size, and only 1 big blank. We cut everything neatly.
making a candlestick Margarita
Now from the green suede we cut out 7 squares of 4 x 4 cm. Scissors round the opposite two corners and get the leaves in the shape of a boat.
 making a candle Margarita
But we still need 5 squares with a side of 5 cm from the green canvas. We will cut the substrates to the flowers from them. We fold the blanks in half 2 times in half, press them in the middle and round the opposite corners again. It turns out a detail with 4 petals.
 making candlestick Margarita
 making candle Margarita
There are still leaves to prepare for further processing.We will need a toothpick or an empty, used rod for the handle. And with its help, we first draw the main line on the sheet, and then the rest of the veins on opposite sides of it.
 making a candlestick Margarita
Now we turn to coloring. We take art oil paints. All blanks for roses process in red with a piece of foam rubber. On the petals it is necessary to paint only on the upper edge from two sides.
 making a candlestick Margarita
And for such paint we give time to dry.
 making a candlestick Margarita When time has passed, we begin to change the shape of the petals. We work with each blank in turn. Put the 3 parts of the petal together.
 making candlestick Margaret
Holding the fingers of the middle of the addition, still gather the top of the workpiece into folds and stretch everything well between the fingers.In this way, we change the structure of the fabric, it becomes soft.  making the candlestick Margarita
And then return the petals to the previous size just straighten it.
The third and 4 circles from petals of medium size. And glue them only at the base. Let the rose open up.
making a candlestick Margarita
 making candle Margarita
Add a green backing that immediately revives the flower.
making a candlestick Margarita
And the last detail to the flower on the stem is the fastening of 2 leaves. We glue paper over the joints.
Making Margarita's Candlestick
Assembling all other roses is the same in execution. Only in one flower will be the fifth petal circle from a large billet. The result is 4 roses and a fifth on the stem.
 making the candlestick Margarita
Now take the glass and wipe it well inside with a damp cloth. Drop the rose on the stem of the flower down into the glass. We need to fix it in this position. Mark the place of the upper edge of the glass on the stem.
 making the candlestick Margarita
Then the remaining edge of the stem is twisted by a semicircle.We take out a rose, circle the edge of the glass on cardboard, cut two circles, and one will be 3 mm larger than the first. For a larger circle, glue the rose, placing it with a bent stalk into the middle. We close with corrugated paper scraps and fasten two transparent large semi-beads. We smear the edge of a glass and set it, turning it over, on the harvested circle with a flower.
 making candlestick Margarita
Now the bottom of the glass will be considered the top of the candlestick. But it still needs to be fixed. We will use an orange ribbon. Part of it we glue right on the glass, and the second half will be fixed on the cardboard. First you need to make notches with scissors for better rounding. We glue the second cardboard circle over the tape.
 making candlestick Margarita
It is time to build the main composition. We have left 4 flowers, 2 pairs of leaves, two connected together and a single leaf. The wire at the leaves is cut to 5 cm in length.
 making the candlestick Margarita
Now we will decorate the top of the candlestick. Glue the patch at the very bottom of the glass.And we attach leaves to it so that 3 leaves go up to the candle area.
 making a candlestick Margarita
First we glue the big flower.
 making a candlestick Margarita We distribute the rest in a circle, sticking them tightly together.
 making a candlestick Margarita
In addition, glue a bow of satin ribbon 1 cm wide.
the manufacture of a candlestick Margarita
It remains to put a candle on the site. You can use a small one, and a large one will look beautiful in such a composition.
 making candlestick Margarita
Good luck to all!

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