Man stuffing bags with earth made an unusual piece of decoration

You can always find a way to get closer to nature. Proof of this somewhat unusual construction. Being on the surface, the earthen dome is a safe haven. It is well disguised and has excellent sound insulation. The goal of the man who decided to build this miracle was solitude. Outwardly similar to the Hobbit house structure is well thought out. Inside it is warm and dry. Surprisingly, for the construction of such a building did not have to get even permits. It took quite a bit of time for the construction; on the budget, such a building did not hit either.

Birth of the earth dome

Out of kind envy of Diogenes, who had the opportunity to philosophize in his own barrel, the man came up with a great way to retire, remaining almost in plain sight. At first glance, it seems that for such a building a hill is needed, which, after the earth is chosen from the inside, will require reliable strengthening. This assumption is wrong.The main materials for construction are really donated by Mother Nature. The man could only figure out how to connect them, and he did it!

In accordance with the scheme, a site was selected and cleared enough to accommodate the dome.

It took a very small depth. In addition, the selected land was immediately packed in bags and became a building material. Sand, clay, crushed stone, sawdust and even construction waste can also be used as filling for bags.

Putting the bags in rows, the man made sure that the walls of the future house were smooth and strong.

For better fixation, barbed wire is laid between the rows of bags, which provides a secure grip.

To get the arch in the area of ​​the doorway, the man used a regular tire. A basis for the future visor steel legs from the old furniture.

After the dome of the bags was ready, it remained only to supplement it with a door and a visor, and then cover it with earth and sow grass.

Taking the scheme used by the man as a basis, you can build on your own plot a cozy studio, a house for children's games, a storage room for the instrument or a poultry house.If desired, the house can be enlarged and supplemented with windows. The living roof can be sown not only with lawn grass, but also with flowers. Such a building will perfectly fit into the landscape and will be a special decoration of the site.

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