Decoupage Magnet

When the beautiful arises in a person, he tries to share it with the whole world, and it is explained very simply - an invariable attraction to the world of creativity. One of the techniques that help to bring ideas to life - decoupage - the art of decorating a variety of things with fragments of paper napkins. This creativity was fond of Maria-Antoinette, and today the opportunity to make a unique thing is for each of us. So, for business! In work we will need: blank, acrylic primer and paints, glue and varnish for decoupage (it can be two in one), office file, napkin, foam sponge, sandpaper.  In the work we need
1. Using a sponge, cover the working surface of the magnet with acrylic primer in several layers, until it becomes completely white (this can be done up to 3 times, each layer should dry). In the interval between them, we rub the surface with fine sandpaper.  cover the surface of the magnet 2.You can help the acrylic primer dry with a hair dryer. The next step is to cut out the fragment of the napkin you like by the size of the magnet and remove the two lower layers from it. As a result, we have a thin piece of paper.
 cut the picture
3. Put the cut fragment face down on the file. Pour some water into the cup, pour it onto the fragment, completely cover it with water and pour the remnants into the sink. Carefully remove the bubbles with a brush.
 spill glue
4. We take the file by the tips and gradually apply it to the already dried billet. Fingers expel air bubbles. When all these manipulations are done, hook the tip of the napkin, separating it from the file, and remove it. As a result, we get a nicely glued fragment.
 expelling the bubbles
5. We wrap our magnet with a wide brush with glue, we should start from the middle and gently move to the edge, trying not to touch it.
 we cover with glue
6. Remove unnecessary parts on the sides and completely dry the magnet with a hair dryer.Next, we take acrylic paints and do painting. We cover the magnet with varnish not less than in 2 layers with complete drying. Enjoy the result!
 Magnet in the decoupage technique

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