Living by its rules in comfort and convenience

Even the very phrase “country house” already envelops us with warmth, comfort. Here a completely different quality of life is possible, not burdened by the bustle and crowded city. Not surprisingly, people who have become truly successful tend to move to their own estate in the midst of nature. And the main step for them is the exclusive organization of personal space.

All the aspirations, ideas about comfort, the vision of the beauty of those who occupied a high position in life, are reflected in the design of their country houses. And the office should be the quintessence of the personal views of his master.

When success is not a moment, but a process

It would be naive to expect that a person who has achieved so much, suddenly stop and give up all things. On the contrary, in a country house you can and should equip a room where every nuance will “work for you” - to help you make brilliant plans and win new heights.

Arranging an office in a house is a responsible and fascinating process. Experts advise to maximize the following parameters:

  • choose for the cabinet the most peaceful zone of the mansion - here you will not be distracted by the games of children, the high life of other family members;
  • equip a separate entrance - for visitors;
  • take care of the beautiful view from the windows - this will help and relieve unnecessary stress, and focus on the main tasks;
  • divide the cabinet into zones corresponding to different intensity of activity;
  • afford luxury and comfort that is not always possible in the central office;

Of course, the future owner of such an office does not have to plan the space itself and decorate it. It is enough for him to express his preferences. And the professionals will create for him an exclusive turnkey design project.

Dream Near

But you should never deny yourself the pleasure of choosing beautiful things. It is in the dialogue with the decorator that our ideas of the beautiful are revealed to the maximum. Often, a successful and, therefore, very busy person seems to forget about his own dreams, considers them irrelevant.

Therefore, discussing the interior of the office, do not hesitate to look at the best creations of world-famous designers, at the paintings of modern artists and old masters, at the famous collections of accessories. In the end, not only work is important, but also the opportunity to take advantage of its rich fruits!

Nothing can compare with the feeling when, for example, looking through a catalog of Italian furniture, you suddenly see “your” interior. At such a moment, his desires, possibly repressed, not expressed, return to the person. But they make us happy.

And this is perhaps the most important thing: the interior of the office in a country house should be a dream come true! - This space will give you new ideas and inexhaustible forces for their realization.

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